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    3 Steps to Add To Your Daily Skin Care Routine

    Your appearance is arguably the most important aspect of your daily routine. It sets the tone for your overall mood, health, and representation to others. Skin care is not only necessary to maintain its quality; it also takes time and effort. You may have heard that finding a routine that works for you takes time, trial, and error. The good news is that you only need three steps to add to your daily skincare routine.

    1. Wash Your Face with a Mild Cleanser

    Your face is always exposed to dust, grime, and other airborne elements. Because of this interaction with the outside environment, your face may carry germs. As long as you regularly clean your face, there should be no need for additional skincare products. Cleaning your face will not only bring it to a clean slate, but it will also rid it of any bacilli and protect it from further contamination. To have a healthy skin complexion, you must generate enough of these dead skin cells every day.

    A great way to remove oil, dirt, and grime from your face is with water and a gentle cleanser with low foaming. It must be mild enough not to irritate your skin. For example, a great cleanser is an AHA/BHA chemical exfoliator. It contains a lower pH, so it will not irritate your skin when it is left on the face. It will also remove dead skin cells and bacteria without destroying healthy cells. A chemical exfoliate has salicylic acid or glycolic acid to remove excess oil and clear pores, which leads to healthier skin overall.

    2. Toning and Masking

    Like many, you may have thought toner only involves removing dirt and excess oil from the face. Over the years, it has become more than just that. Nowadays, toner also contains beneficial ingredients like antioxidants, which are great for your skin. These antioxidants help reduce the signs of aging by guarding against free radicals in the body and nourishing your skin cells to feel softer and smoother. It is recommended that you use a toner before applying any other skincare products to your face. This will help remove bacteria and other impurities.

    Different types of toners can do various things to your face. A hydrating toner will not only hydrate your skin but also helps to increase the elasticity of it as well. As it hydrates your skin, it will also help prevent aging. A hydrating toner can be used as a mask with a gentle face cloth to create a stimulating experience.

    On the other hand, an antiseptic toner will help heal damaged skin. It will not only provide immediate relief against itchy, dry, or irritated skin, but it can also stimulate healing. One such product is made with astringent ingredients that reduce inflammation, which helps in the healing process.

    You may choose to use a face mask before toning to regenerate your skin and give it a brighter appearance. The mask may contain beneficial ingredients like vitamin C, an antioxidant and main ingredient in many anti-aging products. For instance, applying an under eye mask may decrease puffy bags and dark circles and even calm signs of aging.

    3. Moisturizing

    As you reach the age of 30, you may start getting dryer skin due to the lower production of collagen. It is best to give your skin enough hydration to reverse this trend. You can do this by massaging your face with a moisturizing lotion. You can also use it mid-day as it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. Your hands will not feel sticky when applying the moisturizer as it provides micro-bubbles that help trap moisture in the skin.

    There are various types of moisturizers to choose from. One of the best moisturizers is one with hyaluronic acid. It contains extra moisture that your skin needs to remain healthy. It can also help repair damaged skin and seal the nutrients your skin needs to remain healthy.

    Moisturizers are available in various forms, like lotions, creams, gels, and even serums, to help naturally counter dryness. You may use multiple moisturizers in your daily routine as it increases hydration and nourishes aging skin cells simultaneously.


    Following these three simple steps can easily improve your skin’s appearance. Each of these steps provides a single target in skin care. However, if done together, they will complement each other perfectly to help your skin naturally look healthy and young. In doing so, you will save time with a quick routine for the day.


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