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    3 Times death of Cancer patients suffering from corona


    It was revealed in the study that More threat to people battling blood cancer and lung cancer.

    Cancer patients are being died three times more than other patients who came under the grip of Corona. Especially those who are blood cancer, lung cancer, or tumor. This information has been received from research at 14 hospitals in China’s Huwai city.

    The researchers of America, Singapore, and China have concluded this after 105 cancer patients and 536 other patients. American Association for Cancer Research has released this report, which has been published by Cancer Discovery General. According to the study, the risk of the virus was found in comparison to other patients. However, in the initial cancer phase, they did not have much effect. Two types of cancer patients are most affected. 

    Blood Cancer: Cancer self demolishes the immune system, and the ability to fight body disease is over. Blood cancer such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma attack the body’s immune system.

    Lung cancer: There are lung cancer patients in other affected ones. The risk of infection is the highest.

    • More than 2500000 people have cancer.
    • 700,000 cancer patients come to India every year.
    • 5.5 lakh cancer patients die every year.
    • 71% of patients aged between 30 and 69 died.

    Take such precautions:

    • Always keep in touch with the doctor, and if there is any problem, see the doctor.
    • Take medicine regularly so that the cycle of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is breaking.
    • If you have to go to the hospital, take the mask and sanitizer with you.
    • Mental problems are increasing, so talk to your loved ones so that the patient doesn’t feel stressed.
    • The caretaker of the patient must be careful about sanitization because he/she may also get infected.


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