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    COVID-19 News – Cases mounts to 3,308,233 and 234,105 deaths confirmed Globally

    Novel Corona Virus is the only topic now a time; the whole world is affected by this critical situation and finding for medication. Till now, no antidote is found by any of the nations but still in searching for it. Spreading of cases is not possible to contain without the antidote.

    Worldwide total cases rise to 3,308,233, and confirmed deaths are 234,105. Total recovered cases are 1,042,819, these recovered cases indicating that we will soon take off from this disease, and the rate is high in comparison to deaths.

    The most troubled nation from this crisis is the most powerful nation, the USA, adding 187+ recent cases; the cases rise to 1,095,210; after continuing 5+ recent deaths, the rate has mounted so high as 63,861. At the same time, total active examples are 875,612 total land cases recovered as 155,737, as America’s president Donald Trump declared openly that deaths couldn’t we dare to jump above 100,000 means they are finding for medicine seriously and are near to it. 

    Most of the nations are looking for medication to contain this Pandemic as soon as possible, let’s watch soon who will find it.

    Most affected nations are enlisted below –

    County name Total cases Deaths confirmed
    USA 1,095,210 63,861
    Spain 239,639 24,543
    Italy 205,463 27,967
    UK 171,253 26,771
    France 167,178 24,376
    Germany 163,009 6,623
    Turkey 120,204 3,174
    Russia 106,498 1,073
    Iran 94,640 6,028
    Brazil 87,187 6,006

    Our team urges you to stay at your home and participate in the Lockdown seriously to stop the Chain of transmission of coronavirus. This will be helpful in saving lives.


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