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    This city gave citizenship to bees, plants and trees

    Bio Corridor built, keeping in mind the habitat of bees and sparrows given priority to green areas as infrastructure.

    A unique tradition is being followed in Costa Rica’s city of Curridabat. Here bees, plants, and trees have been given citizenship. With this, this city is being called Sweet City. Edgar Mora, the mayor of Curridabat, said pollinators play a key role in keeping the city alive and beautiful. Therefore every bee, hummingbird, and butterfly have been recognized as citizens of Curridabat. Mayer said this pollination is advisory to the natural world. They work to produce new things at no charge. To convert every street into a bio corridor and every locality into an ecological system, it is extremely important to make connections with these organisms.

    Green spaces were made basic: Curridabat that the urban plan is designed according to its non-human inhabitants. These have been developed by the local government in a similar way so that both human and non-human residents can get the full benefit from it. Geolocation mapping is used for afforestation schemes to provide relief to the elderly and children from the ill effects of air pollution and provide freezing from trees. Local species of plants are being used to create green corridors throughout the municipality.

    The idea came from: Mayor Mora said that the idea came from a story that said that people in cities talk a lot about the rescue of nature when they are away from it. But when it comes to preserving its surrounding environment. Then they become careless. Mora is also a Senior Design Specialist. Cities have a lot to do:

    Irrid Garcia, head of innovation, Curridabat, said, “We attract a large number of tourists because of nature and conservation.” Garcia, who runs the Sweet City project, said that much work still needs to be done in San Jose, except for Curridabat. In the coming time, 68 percent of the people will live in cities, and this will cause huge losses to the inhabitants of the living.

    Benefit from Bio Corridor: Bio Corridor improves air and water quality, said Castro Ivarez, who oversees Costa Rica’s Bio Corridor network. It provides green spaces for people and serves better health objectives.


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