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    NASA Made nano-Aircraft lighter than paper

    NASA has manufactured small flying nano cardboard. It is aircraft-like and sandwiched in shape. It will be sent to Mars, where it will gather evidence of life. It will be launched through a rover.

    The weight of the fly is equal to: The weight of the Nano cardboard device is equal to or one-third milligram of the weight of the fly flying over the fruits. This device is capable of being blown into the air as the temperature changes.

    • The size of this aircraft is 10 nanometers.
    • It will be sent during the March Rover mission in 2020.

    Will find evidence of life on Mars: It will operate via laser. It will be sent to Mars, where it will help in collecting evidence of life. A fleet of small aircraft will be launched through an existing rover on Mars land. The aircraft will collect chemical samples found on the red planet.

    It has a sandwich-like shape: The aircraft is designed by engineers at Penn University. Each nano cardboard device is made of a hollow plate of aluminum oxide. Its interior is like wavy cardboard with a thickness of only 10 nanometers. Its shape is similar to a sandwich.

    It will be used like this: This aircraft is compatible with planets like Mars where the atmosphere is very light and low gravity. In such a favorable situation, it can fly very easily. The engineers are making it believe that the system will play a key role in March 2020. It is to plan to be launched in July.


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