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    365-days of Lockdown in Jhorpada village of West Bengal, People live in fear

    Nadia: Despite living in independent India, 350 people are still dependent on others in Jhorapada village of Dattapulia in Nadia district of West Bengal. On the one hand, they are tortured by Bangladeshi criminals, on the other hand, the stuttering voice of BSF soldiers scares them. In such a situation, these people have no way to get out.

    Freedom has no meaning for the people living in this village, nor do these people enjoy Teej-festivals. Simply put, Lockdown 365 remains available for them. They are not even aware of what is going on in the world, nor do they have an internet facility. In such a situation, the Internet does not even matter to them. Their only source of information is TV. Through which they get information about the news. These people are allowed to leave the house at a certain time of the day, the curfew is imposed at other times.

    Now when the lockdown has been declared all over the country due to Coronavirus, it does not affect these people very much because they have been living this way for a long time. The special thing is that the lockdown rules have been applied to their lives there as well, which is why they are not even allowed to leave their homes.

    Let me tell you that the Ichamati river flows right in the middle of the village of Jhorapada, and across the river is a village in Bangladesh. Lockdown rules have been implemented in this village too. Although relief material is being sent by the state government to the people living in the village of Jhorapada, but the people of Bangladesh have not yet received any relief material. People in the village of Bangladesh allege that local leaders rob their content. While Jharpada MLA Sameer Kumar Poddar himself brings relief material to the village, which gives a lot of happiness to the people.


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