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    Relaxation is a way to reduce the stress of your mind and body. Relaxation techniques assist you cope with stress and anxiety-related problems, such as physical pain, heart diseases and hypertension. Aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, meditation and deep breathing are few relaxation techniques you can practice. Since work-stress is a dominating factor for the people of the 21st century, people should know how to deal with the negative effects of daily stress.

    1. Massage: Body massage is a great way to relax your tissues and elevate your mood. Massaging improves dopamine, serotonin and endorphin levels in the body. Increase in muscle temperature makes the tissues elastic allowing them to loosen and relax. During the massage, bodily friction encourages the nervous system to release happy hormones and makes you feel rejuvenated and calm.
    2. Physical Activities:   It is a known fact that an active mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, get up from your couch and move around a bit. Daily running and riding zize bike will help you lose that excess body fat, making you healthy and attractive. Consider joining a gym and working under the supervision of a trained professional.
    1. Using Cannabis for Mindfulness: Cannabis consists of two main compounds; one is THC, and the other is CBD. These substances release endorphins in the body. Arkansas is one of the first states promoting the medical use of marijuana. If you want to access cannabis to relax your mind, you may visit a legal marijuana dispensary in Fayetteville AR and purchase canna oil and other legal marijuana-infused substances.
    • Cannabis is consumed orally in the form of CBD capsules, and edibles. You may make large batches of cakes and cookies using cannabis and store it in boxes and jars.
    • The most known form of consuming cannabis is smoking, vaping and CBD pills. Cannabis works faster when it is smoked than consumed as edibles.
    1. Breathing Exercises: Deep breathing exercises help calm your mind in mere moments.  Whenever you feel like you are losing control of your emotions, pause and take deep breaths. When you breathe deeply, your brain sends a signal to your brain to relax and calm down. Breathing exercises are an effective way to reduce tension, relieve stress and relax. Your body gets affected by the way you breathe. Breathing exercises are easy to learn, and you won’t require any special tools and equipment to do them.
    2. Meditation:  The age-old practice has become one of the most popular modes to relieve stress. Meditation increases the body’s relaxation response. Set aside time for daily meditation, and make it a habit to practice meditation twice a day. Below given are some benefits of mediation.
      • Meditation reduces the cortisol level in blood.
      • Meditation slows down the heart rate and breathing.
      • People who meditate daily can give up life-damaging substances such as drugs, and alcohol, faster than those who do not practice meditation.

      Relaxation helps to decrease heart rate, respiration rate, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Make relaxation a priority for a healthy life.


    Relaxation helps to decrease heart rate, respiration rate, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Make relaxation a priority for a healthy life.



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