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    5 Most Circulated Newspapers in India 

    The newspaper has always been a very integral part of our day-to-day life. We have been relying on newspapers for information ever since they came into existence. Newspapers are a very reliable source of knowledge, and they consist of various news that includes the economy, sports, politics, entertainment, and trade.

    Over 100,000 newspapers are being published in India every day. Newspapers vary from language to language, and that is why there are one lakh newspapers in India. Today we are going to talk about 5 such newspapers that are circulated more than others because of their reliable and quick news.

    Dainik Bhaskar

    Dainik Bhaskar is the most popular newspaper in India, and it is the most circulated newspaper too. Dainik Bhaskar has always managed to evolve with time, and this is the reason behind its popularity. The newspaper is being circulated in more than 11 states and across 2000 cities every day. It has received regular appreciation from people because of its authentic coverage of every news.

    Dainik Bhaskar has always managed to be the first to report every important news. Be it sports news, or a piece of crime news or business news, or any other piece of news, Dainik Bhaskar has always been the first. To keep its readers updated, it has launched an app allowing the readers to read any news, anytime, and anywhere. This app is arguably the best among the latest Hindi India News app. 

    The app has been well received by the critics as well as the readers, and the app has everything that a reader needs in a news app. The app has various features that include breaking news, politics, major events, business news, sports news, and Bollywood news. This feature covers all the essential news segments that contribute to useful information.

    The app has a video news feature that brings all the news with videos to you. This feature includes all the developments as videos, and the reader can know everything about the incident with one click. It also helps the reader to confirm the piece of news that might have been circulating on social media applications.


    Patrika is a very popular newspaper, and its reader base includes ten states and one union territory. It is published under the name Rajasthan Patrika in Rajasthan and Delhi, and in other states, it goes under the name Patrika. It was founded in 1956, and since then, it has enjoyed a solid reader base.

    Dainik Jagran

    Dainik Jagran was Founded in 1942, it is one of the oldest newspapers in India, and it has been a reliable source of information for the last eight decades. It is owned by Jagran Prakashan Limited, with headquarters in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. It sells more than three million copies every day across India.

    Amar Ujala

    Amar Ujala was founded in 1948, and owned by Amar Ujala limited. It covers around 180 districts across six states, and it sells more than two million copies every day. Amar Ujala is loved by its readers because of its authenticity and neutral point of view.

    The Times of India

    The time of India was founded in 1838 and is the oldest English language newspaper in India. The headquarters are situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It sells around three million copies every day, and that makes it one of the largest selling newspapers in India.


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