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    Adam Rodway, a Lyricist, a Musician, and a Versatile Artist.

    It’s easy to listen to music, but it’s the hardest thing to produce original music and be a musician. Making your space among famous music artists is the hardest thing to do as a musician. Only some people are successful in this musical journey, and Adam Rodway nailed it perfectly. 

    Adam Rodway is a Canadian singer/songwriter, guitarist, and lead vocalist who grew up as a music lover since childhood. Since his schooling era, he started writing and recording songs, but songwriting fascinated him more. At 17, he learned to play guitar so he could write songs on it and he also learned to produce his original music. 

    It is not just a God-gifted thing; his efforts to learn music led him to the Metalworks Institute Of Sound. In the institute, he got an Electronic Music Production degree. Since that day, he never looked back and started producing his original music and creative lyrics that gave life to his songs as a musician. 

    The Blast From The Past “DelMar” Story

    If we unfold Adam‘s past, so he used to be a lead vocalist and guitarist of the band named “DelMar.” The band played many live concerts in famous places like “The El Mocambo” and “The Horseshoe Tavern.” The band had so many original songs, including Adam’s self-written song “New Orleans,” which has over 1M streams on Spotify. The band still has 10s of thousands of monthly listeners.  

    Genres & Songs 

    Adam’s musical genre revolves around Pop-Rock or Alt-Pop. His songs are mostly guitar-centric and full of rock vibes with fresh moods and souls. The hip-hop production inspires Adam.  

    Adam recently released his single titled “Hold Just Anyone” and gearing up to release his next one, “Too Late,” this year. The song link is down below;

    Song: “Hold Just Anyone” 

    Link: https://fanlink.to/HoldJustAnyone 

    Adam seems unstoppable with his writing skills as he was also nominated for a Juno award as a writer. He  colaborated with the Canadian band Walk Off The Earth on a children’s album titled “Romeo Eats Vol.1,” which received a nomination. 

    “Inspiration can come from anywhere. I get excited when starting a new project and when the energy is fresh and new. Once I get into that state, it feels like nothing else really matters, and its seems like  all my problems simply fade away.”

    Adam is currently working with a few artists and helping them produce their songs free of charge. One of the reasons he got into music production was to help fellow artists he believed in and help give them a chance to get started in the industry. As he thinks:

    “My mantra for success is being happy and fulfilled by the work you do. For me that means a life where I can make a livable wage writing and producing music.”

    Adam Rodway –

    Over To You

    Currently, Adam is a solo singer who aims to produce more original music under the name of Adam Rodway. He left the band and is now on the new journey as a solo artist who loves to play guitar, write songs, and produce original music for his fans. His songs are full of catchy melodies and creative lyrics that grab the audience’s attention at first sight due to great guitar riffs and rock-centric sounds. He is the kind of vocalist who expresses his story in his songs, as he believes music is the language that brings people together.


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