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    When Music Meets Royalty: Lovoy Ruben Mejia, a Prince with Powerful Musical Vibes

    Some people crave fame to get power, status, and wealth or want to stay in the spotlight. While other people follow their passion and with that success and fame would get tag along. Lovoy Ruben Mejia is among those who expressed himself through his work, and people loved him. Whether lovoy pours his thoughts out through music or writing, he is always loved by many.

    Taking the Legacy to New Heights

    Lovoy Ruben Mejia is a rapper, musician, and Prince of Guava valley Belize, an old Belizean monarchy with African matriarchs and Patriarchs from Northern Europe. Ancestry.com analyzed Lovoy’s DNA, showing that he is descended from royalty on both his mother’s and father’s sides. Lovoy got his love for writing and creating songs from her mother, as she was a famous patriot and poet from Belize. She is the writer of the world-famous conservation song for Belize. From his mother’s side, lovoy is related to many famous people in Belize, such as Lord Rhuburn, one of the most famous Belizean musicians. On his father’s side, Lovoy is connected to many lawyers, politicians, and business entrepreneurs in Belize. Lovoy is taking the legacy he got from both his parents a step higher by being a musician and simultaneously a law student at the University of Essex. He previously studied business at the University of Southern California.

    Aspire to Inspire

    To be consistent, you have to look up to some inspiration. To become a musician, The Belizean rapper has been inspired by Stig Da Artist. Lovoy is a hardcore Jay-Z, Bad Bunny, and Wiz Kid fan. Emerging from a multicultural background, lovoy does not focus on the challenges of ethnicity but on the benefits. It provides various art and cultural lessons, and that’s how lovoy uses ethnicity and race as a positive motivation because it benefits him in music to be multi-ethnic. Well, lovoy goes for a universal hip-hop-pop approach, but his genre, to be specific, exhibits Afro-Pop, Rap, and Reggae.

    Being Royalty Is Not Leverage in the Music Industry

    For an artist, it’s always a challenge to make engaging tunes and songs. But lovoy follows his heart to bring any song to life. His first performance was at Bliss Institute in Belize, and his most memorable performance was in the US in the Bovard Auditorium at the University of Southern California. 

    “I get in a room alone and let my thoughts flow and follow my spirit, which guides me creatively.”

    The key to success is to be around the right people in the right place. When lovoy realized something was wrong with his surroundings, he shifted and came to California for school. That’s when he got a lot of success just by being around the right people. The most significant achievement for lovoy so far in his music career is the breakout single, Banana Papaya. He has also created some exciting songs like Guava and Hot like Gina. He is set to release his new songs Babylon Black Sheep and Fenty.


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