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    CBD Oil For Pets and Humans — Benefits, Risks, and Ingestion Methods

    Suffering from a pain-inducing condition can be hard for both humans and animals. Whether we are taking care of a family member that constantly suffers, or a pet that has lost its ability to run because of the pain caused from their old age, there’s something that doesn’t change we would like to have a way to help them out.

    With that said, we know for sure that there are traditional treatments and medicines that can help us with these situations, but they tend to be a little rough on the health if taken for long periods of time. And in the long-term, depending on the type of medicine, they might not only take a toll on our physical health but on our mental health as well.

    On the other hand, medicinal cannabis, and an alternative to it known as CBD, are known to provide the same benefits to certain medicines, without these side-effects. A solid example of this is how sleeping pills are known for causing depression, as mentioned over here https://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/understanding-the-side-effects-of-sleeping-pills.

    CBD, especially, might be a better option because it is capable of providing the same health benefits as medicinal cannabis without actually getting anyone high. For pets, this is an absolute must, considering how THC, the compound getting people and animals high, can be toxic for them because of their oversensitive endocannabinoid system.

    But, what are the actual benefits of CBD? What are the risks known for taking it? How do we take it, too? In this article, I will try to guide those who are interested in taking CBD as a medical alternative to treat several physical and mental conditions and answer these questions as simply as possible.

    First of All: Why?

    Well, CBD has been showing great results in several fields. In a study conducted on people that suffer from epileptic seizures, cannabis and cannabidiol showed a great 32% efficiency in reducing seizures.

    There are also several health organizations, including hospitals, using it to relieve the pain of patients going through chemotherapy or suffering from pain-inducing conditions such as inflammatory diseases like arthritis.

    For pets, this is a blessing, considering how senior cats and dogs tend to suffer from inflammatory-diseases, kidney malfunction, joint complications, and cancer, leading to a lot of fo pain that might even reduce their mobility.

    This compound can also be a great alternative for people who suffer from insomnia and sleeping disorders, since it can achieve high levels of relaxation without actually becoming a burden, like cannabis, which can reduce the efficiency and performance at work, and other delicate activities such as driving or studying.

    Anxiety is also a treatable condition. Especially in pets that are likely to suffer from it because of unknown environments or stressful situations. Rescued pets, for example, tend to suffer from separation anxiety, which usually leads to messes and really bad behavior when the owner is not around.

    Reducing inflammation is also possible, which often ends up reducing the amount of pain as well. For senior pets and senior people, this is a blessing because they can also recover some of their mobility this. With that said, mobility tends to improve after a few days or a week of using CBD products.

    If you are interested in more detailed information about how this compound can help you, you can visit this CBD health guide.

    Commercial Presentations

    For humans and pets, the most common presentation is CBD Oil. This is the most straight-forward product because you can take it by mouth, and it provides the meant health benefits.

    If you are into smoking or want to use something that is like medical cannabis, you can also find cannabidiol flowers which work pretty much the same as cannabis strains.

    They are smokeable versions of the product, and although work a little different regarding how long it takes for it to kick in and how powerful the effect is, the results are pretty much the same. This option is especially good for those who want a faster effect, either to reduce pain, treat an anxiety attack, or for sleeping.

    You also have edibles, which are a more comfortable way to consume them that might entice more people than actual oil. The benefit of edibles is that they are a little more discreet and are actually tasty.

    For pets, you can also find edible variables such as treats and food. A good choice to check out some available options would be through sites like Holistapet, which focuses on CBD products for pets. Overall, oil can be more than enough, but some pets can be picky, so having other options can be a big changer.

    Ingesting Cannabidiol

    CBD, or cannabidiol, is known for causing side-effects if taken in big dosages, more than the body can handle. For humans, this can be easily managed because we can tell the symptoms we feel and whether the product is working or not.

    For a pet owner, though, telling whether your pet is benefitting from it is hard, since they cannot speak their mind. So, the best course of action is to start with small dosages, and depending on the circumstances of your pet, analyze their situations and come up with a bigger or smaller dose.

    For example, if your pet suffers from joint pain, take them for a walk after you’ve given them their dose. If their mobility or mood improves, that is a good sign. If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, give them a treat before leaving and see if, after coming back, they are calm and composed. Be creative and pick the right method to decide whether you need a bigger dosage, or if the one you are giving them is enough.

    Always take into consideration the weight, size, and age of your pet, and always stall with small dosages, to begin with.


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