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    5 Reasons To Work With Influencers

    1. Savings In Media Costs

    One of the main advantages that Instagram and other social networks offer is that they require a much lower investment in media. Traditionally, when the use of the Internet had not yet become popular, advertising appeared on television, radio, the press and other media that could only be paid by large brands or multinational companies. But with social networks this disappears, advertising in digital media is much cheaper and simpler; we must understand influencers as one more medium, but one that offers us great advantages.

    The main advantage for SEO for influencers is that practically any brand can advertise with influencers. Obviously, depending on the budget of each one, it will be possible to access influencers with more or less cache. In addition, in many cases the influencers who have smaller audiences decide to advertise the products that the brands send them for free, something that can be of great help and that we can achieve with a minimum investment.

    It is clear that it depends on the cache of the influencer with whom you want to work, it may have higher or lower costs, but in the case of having a small business, I recommend that you look for micro-influencers that are closely aligned with your brand and values ​​and with whom you can carry out collaborations by sending them your product for free or offering them your service and a discount coupon so that they can tell their followers about it.

    2. They Humanize Your Brand

    Another key issue is that they will help you humanize your brand. It is very important that your target audience feels that you are there, that you care about them and, what better way to do it than by collaborating with influencers? They, being specialized in communication, will be able to create a link between your brand and your target. 

    For example, by showing how they use your product in their daily lives, our customers will see the product much more closely and it will be easier for them to buy it.

    In addition, little by little, the audience will hear the name of your brand, they will know the benefits it offers and without even realizing it they will feel that they know your product perfectly.

    3. They Provide Values

    Behind each influencer there is a real person, a person with their virtues, their insecurities and their strengths. The people we follow have a lot in common with us and we identify with them. For this reason, influencers and their audience share a large number of values ​​that can also be associated with your brand. The important thing, in this case, is that you choose someone who truly represents you.

    For example, if you have a vegan products store, it would be ideal to look for an influencer who is aware of the environment, preferably who has pets and who likes cooking. And obviously, that he is a vegetarian or vegan! Surely someone with this profile would be able to connect with your target.

    4. They Will Give Credibility To Your Brand

    As we have mentioned before, that your company defends certain values ​​is something that will give it a lot of strength and will create a more solid and coherent image. Traditional advertisements can seduce us, but on certain occasions they can create certain mistrust or seem distant. For this reason, influencers are the perfect option.

    Their testimonials on networks and the opinion they give about the products greatly influence the purchase decision. That is because we see them as authentic and, as we have said, we follow them because we have things in common with them or because we share principles or ideas.

    5. You will Reach Your Target Audience Directly

    John Wanamaker, marketing pioneer, when he was investing in advertising realized something and pronounced a phrase that will surely not leave you indifferent: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the problem is that I don’t know which half”. 

    Unfortunately, what he said is totally true. When someone decides to hang a billboard on the street, he exposes himself to the fact that a large number of people who pass in front of him are not interested in the product. It is a very difficult physical medium to segment.

    On the other hand, with influencers, it is easier to control and know who you are targeting. Because, as we have explained, the audience of each influencer has many similarities with the creator, they share ideas, principles, and tastes. 

    So if we select the perfect influencer we will go for a sure shot. Nor do we have to forget that before working with an influencer, we must request information about their followers, which they can send us thanks to the statistics that the social networks themselves offer us.

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