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    5 Tips to Keeping a Clean Home Through 2022

    Maintaining a clean home is considered lucky during the New Year, but the cleanliness shouldn’t stop when the fireworks do. Ideally, you should maintain the pristine state of your home year-round for both luck, and health reasons. 

    A dirty home can host a number of pathogens, germs, and pests that are hiding in the shadows, waiting for the opportunity to make you sick! Keeping your home organized also helps you find the items you need when you need them, and gives you a neat home that you can comfortably relax in without any distractions or messes.

    Smart Toilet Seats

    By automating and enhancing the bathroom experience, smart toilet seats contribute to a more sanitary living environment. Their precise water jets and adjustable settings ensure thorough cleansing after each use, reducing the reliance on traditional toilet paper and minimizing the risk of contamination. In this way, smart toilet seats play a pivotal role in maintaining a clean and healthy home, offering a luxurious yet practical solution to personal hygiene while reducing waste and enhancing overall cleanliness.


    But house cleaning can be a hassle, especially if your day is already packed with a busy schedule. You may not have time to do the things you love or spend time with your family if you have to tackle the house cleaning day in and day out! Here are five tips on keeping your home clean throughout the year, without the hassle! 

    1. Professional Cleaning Services

    Sometimes, all you need is a helping hand around the house to effectively clean your home in less time. Professional cleaning companies may offer part-time cleaning services. These experienced cleaners will arrive at your home to clean for a couple of hours, then leave you with a perfectly spotless home in less time than it takes you to do the tasks yourself! 

    Though these part-time cleaning services don’t deep clean your home, they can help with the upkeep and everyday, general cleaning instead. These services are especially helpful to working parents as they juggle between work and their kids! For top-quality cleaning services, consider hiring Luce Home maids to help you with the housework.

    1. Automated Cleaning

    Another option is to automate your cleaning chores at home. Automated cleaning is done with the work of smart devices, and greatly helps in minimizing the mess around the house – albeit being quite expensive for the average household. Most devices may set you back a considerable sum, but they will automatically clean your home on a scheduled basis. 

    For instance, smart vacuum cleaners may be programmed to start the daily vacuuming at given schedules, and will automatically recharge, clear contents, and go into sleep mode once the vacuuming duties are completed. Smart cleaning devices work the same way, such as laundry machines, dishwashers, and air purification systems.

    1. Cleaning as a Family Activity

    Make cleaning a family activity! Get your household members to help you with the cleaning tasks around the house. Kids are never too young to learn proper responsibility, and teaching them to clean up after themselves will instill their sense of duty, while lessening the work you have to do with cleaning your home.

    Delegate tasks to each household member. With more people actively doing the cleaning chores, you’ll get the job done faster, more efficiently, and with less effort! Make time for the things you love to do, and instill responsibility in the household by dividing the chores throughout the household members! 

    1. Organize with Labels

    When you store your items in boxes, you may often forget to label what the contents of the box are. This is not a huge problem if the box is easily accessible, or if the container is see-through, but for items that you’re ready to put in storage, consider labeling them before they go up into the attic. 

    Labeling does not only save time for when you need to look for a certain item, but it also prevents you from accidentally donating those old memories, treasured keepsakes, or important documents. Label boxes with everything that’s in them, and make sure to place the label where you can clearly read it without having to move the boxes around. 

    1. Store Seasonal Decor

    Last but not the least, store away those seasonal decorations! It may be tempting to leave the Christmas tinsel all year round, but they just take up so much space, and are more items you will need to keep clean. Putting them back up when the Christmas season rolls out again may be daunting, but keeping them displayed in your home is both a hassle and messy. 

    Same goes for any decorations that are out of season. Store your halloween decorations in labeled boxes, and keep those easter eggs hidden until next spring. Remove any decorations that you no longer need, and are just taking up space in your home. The less items you have to clean, the cleaner you can maintain your home!


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