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    6 Life Changing Books All Business Leaders Should Read This Year

    There is a large body of evidence that shows good leadership can make a business stand out with koen vanpraet, leadership books this year.

    1. Lifetime ride, Bob Iger

    He shares his experience leading Disney’s 220k+ employees, as well as the principles he learned throughout his time as Disney’s chairman and CEO. In an interview with ABC News, he describes his 45-year journey of relentless curiosity, beginning as a grunt at ABC studios.

    From a personal friendship with Steve Jobs in his final years to an abiding love of the Star Wars mythology, Iger discusses thoughtfulness, respect, and a decency-over-dollars approach that has driven every endeavor and partnership he pursues.

    Vivek says that this book provides many leadership lessons, as it was written as if he were sitting with Bob throughout his life.

    2. Business Game of Death, Jack Stack

    An extreme degree of transparency in management led to the turnaround of a manufacturing firm described in this book.

    Although Stack did not have any experience with “managing” a business, he was familiar with the principles of athletic competition and democracy: keeping score, having fun, playing fairly, providing choice, and having a voice.

    His management style was based on these principles: open-book management. The key is to let everyone know what the finances are.

    A Springfield, Missouri, company called Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation is led by Jack Stack as the CEO and president. Jack speaks nationally on The Great Game Of Business and Open Book Management as the recipient of the 1993 Business Enterprise Trust Award.

    3. It’s Not About You, Bill Walsh

    Walsh is one of the most influential figures in NFL history. The San Francisco 49ers went from being the worst team in sports to being a legendary franchise under his leadership. As a result, football changed forever under his guidance.

    bestselling author Steve Jamison was the recipient of Walsh’s exclusive interviews prior to his death. Walsh’s final lecture on leadership was delivered to Jamison through these interviews.

    If you run a Fortune 500 company, an NFL franchise, or a small hardware store with 12 employees, you must put the same requirements into your leadership. Leaders in all fields will find inspiration, information, and enlightenment from Walsh’s final words.

    4. Ray Dalio: Principles of Life & Work

    The world’s most successful investor and entrepreneur, Ray Dalio, shares in Principles what he has learned about investing and entrepreneurship during his distinguished career.

    He argues life, economics, management, and investing can all be boiled down to rules and treated like machines. Dalio lays out the most effective ways for individuals and organizations to make decisions, structure challenges, and form strong teams in his book’s hundreds of practical lessons based on his principles of “radical truth” and “radical transparency.”

    He shares innovative tools the company employs to bring the idea of meritocracy to life, including a comprehensive “baseball card” for each employee that summarizes his strengths and weaknesses, and computer-based methods for making believability-based decisions.

    While Principles is crammed with novel ideas for organizations, Dalio asserts that anyone can apply the book’s straightforward approach to decision-making, regardless of their goals.

    5. Journey Beyond Yourself: The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer

    If you’re discovering inner space for the first time or you’ve dedicated your whole life to the inward journey, this book will transform your relationship with yourself and the world.

    As you study, you will discover how you can stop the habitual thoughts and emotions that limit your consciousness.

    The development of consciousness allows us to live in the here and now and release painful memories and thoughts that keep us from attaining happiness and self-realization. Singer provides a framework for this process by engaging traditions of meditation and mindfulness.

    “Every year, I read this book again. I find it particularly helpful if one is experiencing stress,” Vivek says.

    6. The Loonshots, Sofi Baughman

    Phase transitions have been applied to understanding birds flocking, fish swimming, brains function, people voting, criminals behaving, ideas spreading, diseases erupting, and ecosystems collapsing for the past decade.

    This new form of science will define the twenty-first century as it was defined by searches for fundamental laws in the twentieth century, like quantum mechanics and gravity.

    The book examines how great breakthroughs survive or die in different industries and gives readers the tools to unleash their own ability to create and nurture crazy ideas that can change the world.


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