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    55 days later people still wait for home; Shops, markets and offices opened

     The photos show that the country is slowly returning to track. Somewhere with social distancing, somewhere without it. In the country 55 days after the lockdown people were exempted from restrictions. Different pictures are coming out from all over the country. The migrants who are working are still traveling in buses in compulsion. People are now going to office also. Even more people are appearing on the streets.

    16 states including Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu have started economic activities in all areas except the Containment Zone. Buses have been started in Delhi, Punjab, Karnataka and Rajasthan. Salons have also been opened in Karnataka, Punjab and Rajasthan. Maharashtra has decided to give exemption only in the green zone. See select pictures of different states …

    Madhya Pradesh

    There will be no orange zone in Madhya Pradesh now. The entire district of Indore and Ujjain will be in the Red Zone. Red zone will be effective only till the Bhopal Municipal Corporation limit. The municipal areas of Burhanpur, Jabalpur, Khandwa and Dewas and Mandsaur, Neemuch, Dhar and Kukshi will be considered as red zones. The rest will be considered as green zones and activities will be started according to the guidelines and protocol of the Union Home Ministry.

    This picture is from Sailana Bus Stand area of ​​Ratlam. The Janata curfew began on 22 March. 57 days have been completed with three lockdowns and a fourth lockdown has started since Monday, but the people of the city still do not understand the meaning of social distancing.
    This picture is of Omkareshwar temple. The lock of the Jyotirlinga Onkar Maharaj temple has been closed for more than a month and a half in lockdown. The devotees are unable to see their worship. On Monday, Omkar Maharaj got enthroned in the palanquin and went out to see the devotees himself.

    The picture is of Guna. Here people came from Suman Chowk on behalf of Prakash Talkies, Sadar Bazar and Bapu Bazar. There was a lot of jam in the area.Punjab

    Curfew has been lifted in Punjab. People are seen on the streets as soon as they get relaxed. In other areas, including Amritsar, Chandigarh, Ropar, people came out of the house. The markets were crowded.

    This photo is from Ropar. A large number of people took to the streets in several districts on Monday as soon as the concession was received under lockdown in the state. Although the need of the people may be reasonable, but due to large number of people, the rule of social distancing was not followed anywhere. People appeared in the markets, but shopping was very less.
    Sector-23 market of Chandigarh opened on Monday. Shopkeepers told that people came to shop.
    This picture is of Kapurthala. Here, the newly-married couple on the motorcycle passed through the barrier and were interrogated by the policemen. After this, both were given 500–500 rupees as omen. Also wore a garland.


    The Rajasthan government has decided to open almost the entire state. Now beauty parlor-saloon, sports complex, stadium, polo ground will be opened in Red, Orage and Green three zones. Factories will start. They will also be allowed to run in night shifts. Buses will run inside the district and from one district to another, but the government will first decide the route.

    There are around 1.25 lakh shops and showrooms in Jaipur. More than 20,000 are in the boundary wall. Shops opened in many areas of the city on Monday.
    This photo is from Bhilwara. People reached to post speed on Monday. The postal department got people to write that if the post arrived late or there was a dispute, it would be my responsibility, not the postal department.
    This picture is from Jodhpur. A couple got married here on Monday. All the rules were followed. Family said 50 people were involved in this marriage
    The picture is of Bikaner. With three children and a pregnant wife, Shivlal has set out on a journey of about one thousand kilometers barefoot. They hail from Damoh in Madhya Pradesh. When the district administration came to know about this, everyone was sent to a shelter in Bichwal, assuring that their return home would be soon.

    50,000 industries have been allowed to open in Maharashtra and 5 lakh employees have started working here. There is not much relaxation in the Red Zone in the state.

    A person exercising in an open gym in Five Gardens, Mumbai. The gym is closed here.
    The picture is outside the CST station in Mumbai. Mumbai has the highest number of Corona cases in the country. The process of return of migrant workers from the metropolis continues.

    Tamil Nadu
    The state government has imposed strict restrictions in 12 districts. However, other cities including Chennai have been allowed to open offices with 50% employees. It has been decided to close schools, colleges, malls, cinema, theater and gyms.

    Private and government buses poured into Chennai on Monday to take people to the office. Social distancing was taken care of in these buses. No more than 20 people were allowed to sit in one bus.
    This photo is from a Chennai government office. Employees arrived here after 24 March to work.


    On Monday, the first day of Lockdown-4, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced exemptions and restrictions on the basis of Containment Zone and Non Containment Zone in the state. The strictness in the Containment Zone will continue as before. In the Containment Zone, no shops will be open except from shops with essential services from 8 am to 3 pm.

    This photo is from Rajkot. Pan and tea shops opened here on Tuesday morning.


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