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    Covid-19: After 55 days, life is seen returning to the tracks but the migration of workers is not stopping

    The fourth phase of the 55-day-long lockdown began on Monday. In most states, strict restrictions were confined to the containment zone only. 13 states, including Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, started economic activities in all areas except the Containment Zone. As soon as the lockdown gets relaxed, life seems to be returning on track, while the exodus of laborers is still going on. The worker is still on the streets. People are constantly struggling to return home. At the same time, the politics of charges and counter-allegations in Priyanka Gandhi in UP and the state government on the migration of migrants has also intensified. But in the midst of all this, his pain does not seem to decrease. See pictures of relief and pain …

    Photographs of exodus of workers remind of Partition

    The same picture is seen today on the national highways of the country. Workers carrying the burden of starvation and compulsions on their heads are returning from the country’s economic centers to their villages. Despite the claims of the states, workers are seen more on the road or in a truck-loading vehicle than on buses and trains … They are suffering from accidents, yet the steps are not stopping. Here are two pictures. The black and white photograph above is from 1947. A truck laden with refugees at the time of Partition. In the second picture too, the animals are trapped in a truck … But this tragedy is not 73 years old, today. This truck was driven from Maharashtra by laborers and their families… Manzil is Hazaribagh. The truck reached Ranchi on Monday. The ridden laborers told that all the people are residents of Hazaribagh … used to work in Maharashtra. It is no longer work … It is a compulsion to return home like this.
    Neither pocket nor money

    Neither the money in the pocket nor the food is the biggest problem of these migrants, that they vacate their rented houses and come back. Families stay around the screening center for several days. If the police personnel told them not to come from their rented houses till the time they received the message on the mobile from the administration. But the answer is that the landlord does not allow them to enter again. Many migrants had gone back, but the landlords reprimanded them and fled. Then they asked for a full month’s rent. Some people say they used to work here, but the owner has fired. There is nothing to eat nor money in pocket. In such a situation, they have no choice but to return home. Have been waiting for our turn for a long time, but the number did not come. Now the heat has started increasing. Patience is being broken.

    Waiting not ending

    On one side, the sky has started raining. Hundreds of families waited outside the Radha Swami Satsang Bhavan near PR7 with their young children to get a seat on the Gorakhpur train, even after 37 degree temperature on Monday. Photo-gitansh gautam

    Lockdown imprisoned in hospital

    64 patients and their families who have come to get treatment for cancer are stuck here for the last 55 days after the lockdown. Red Cross lives on the old building campus of the Blood Bank in the medical college campus. Here these families in turn cook for themselves in a stove in such a group daily. This exercise starts at 6:30 in the morning. A gas stove has been provided by the hospital administration to heat the milk and water of the patients here, which is given to the people for use within the stipulated time. It is a must that people staying here have been donated rice, flour, vegetables, fruits, mats and mosquito nets during lock-down by different social organizations. Photo Story- Sandeep Rajwade

    Treating transition to relaxation

    On Monday, social distancing was seen flying in the markets. This view is of the Sugan intersection of Guna. All three roads are full of people. The biggest crowd was for the textile market. Shopkeepers and experts say that the experiment of opening the shop for three days is not very successful. Most shops are fully open till 1 pm. If such rules continue to be broken, then it will be very difficult to avoid the risk of infection.

    Delhi gets jammed after getting discount

    On Monday, the first day of market opening in Delhi, some places appeared to be jammed. Taxis have started plying in 160 cities of the country including Delhi. Uber has started service in 31 cities.

    Shops opened after 55 days, customers also arrived

    The Chandigarh administration has opened almost the entire city except the Containment Zone. The work, which has been closed for 55 days, will start from today. Aud-Even system will not be applicable to market shops. But in the street market of Sector-19,22, Aud-Even will be applicable, because the space here is less and the crowd is more. The picture is of Sector-23. Where the shops opened, Grahak was also seen. Photo – Jaswinder Singh

    Work started with half staff

    The effect of the government’s announcement of relaxation with lockdown was reflected in the market on Monday. The number of people was more. Women also arrived to buy goods. Two months later, due to the relaxation in lockdown, a lot of women were seen. The streets were full of vehicles. However, it is not that there were no police at the intersections. There were police, but no driver or passer-by was stopped and questioned.


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