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    7 Best Android apps you must try in 2020

    Smartphones are our best friend to deterring boring life always, users all over the world of smartphones are 45.04% manipulating gadgets very well.

    Facebook and Whatsapp are the broadly used apps by all smartphone audiences, WhatsApp users’ statics has risen to 2.0 billion, and Facebook addicts statics is far as 1.3 billion; both statics are traversing fastly.

    We grab some best Android apps for new generation innovators, best games app, messaging apps, and many more.

    Seven Best Android apps

    • Best Messaging Apps – Facebook and Whatsapp
    • Best Gaming App – PUBG Mobile
    • Best Video Streaming App – Netflix
    • Best Fitness App – Google Fit
    • Best News app – Flipboard and Aarogya setu
    • Best Cloud Storage App – Google Drive

    Best Messaging apps

    • Facebook – Make the short distance between far away livers.
    • Whatsapp – Get able you to talk with relatives and heart tickling people.

    Best Gaming app

    PUBG Mobile – Players assault for chicken dinner, 100 players, start a war against each other. After landing by parachute, all players instantly picks pieces of equipment.

    Best Video Streaming app

    • Netflix – Streaming of regional videos, movies, and TV shows entertain you in enormous ways.

    Fitness app

    • Google Fit – One of the vast reasons, users love Google apps much in comparison to others and are highly rated because Google isn’t charging extra for highly optimized features.

    Best News apps

    • Flipboard – Provides you the latest, trending, politics, technology, and reviews related news updates and also fuel your passions relatively.
    • Aarogya Setu app – It is a free application developed by Indian government to track the citizens. You can get all helpline numbers and latest guidelines on aarogya setu app.

    Best Cloud Storage App

    • Google Drive – 99% of Android users must suggest Google Drive store your crucial files. It really make you satisfactory towards the Google community.


    These are some of the best Android apps that must be used by Android users, really responding apps as used by mosts. 


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