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    Adorn your house with flowers using these simple ideas

    All flowers have a quality that can make your home better. Whether it is a striking colour or a pleasant smell, a bunch of flowers can bring your home alive. You don’t have to buy imported flowers. Local flowers that you find in your garden can be just as pretty and amazing. Here are a few ways that you can deck up your home with flowers!

    1. Potted plants – The best and most sustainable way to enjoy flowers for a long time is to get a potted plant that flowers. The plant can grow and keep decorating your home with flowers. However, if you are looking for indoor plant pots with plants, they rarely have the flowering kind as they need less sunlight.
    2. Uruli of flowers – An uruli of flowers at the entrance or on the coffee table can look welcoming. You can add rose petals or local flowers to the water and make it more magical by adding a splash of floating candles. If you don’t want to add water, then just fill it up with flowers and let their fragrance grace your home.
    3. Windows and balconies – The creepers and vines that you plant near windows and balconies or on walls can make your balcony look so much better. Creepers, when trimmed properly and maintained well, look They can be used as decoration and if you plant the flowering kind, your house will have a cute and cozy vibe. These vines are also great for partitions in the house.
    4. Oversized vases – Oversized vases generally have dry flowers in them. Switch up the arrangement once in a while with long-lasting flowers like birds of paradise that have long sticks. You can also add sticks of lavender, which can make your place smell great. Oversized vases themselves can be decorative pieces without anything in it.
    5. Faux flowers – Plastic flowers have been used in homes forever. Get good quality plastic flowers and decorate whichever part of your home you wish to with these. The good part about faux flowers is that you don’t need to maintain, trim, or prune. If you are looking for a flower vase for living room, then look for one that looks good with faux as well as real flowers.
    6. Flowers in the bathroom – You can place small potted plants or flowers in small pots in your bathroom. If you want them for purely decorative purposes when you’re having a party, then you can place small colourful flowers like orchids on towels to add colour.
    7. Garlands for décor – Are you thinking of having a beach-themed party or do you believe in sustainable decorations? Get a few garlands and add them to the entrance and around the house for a party vibe. You can add garlands to tables and even the floors in various shapes like a flower rangoli.
    8. Petals on tables – Want a break from the same old tablecloths and coasters? Trying to lay petals on the table instead! They look beautiful and you can use whichever colour you want or even mix the colours up. The shapes, patterns, and textures are completely dependent on you. Use petals or smaller flowers to make it work.

    Flowers are natural and can be a beautiful accessory!


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