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    What Are Kids Horse Jumps?

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    If your child loves horses and riding, a mini jump or rocking horse is a great gift. They are fun to play on and make good turns. And what about a gift for a child who doesn’t own a real horse? Mini Jumps are a fun alternative for kids who like horses but aren’t yet old enough to ride. The best part of these toys is that they are made from durable materials and are safe for young riders.

    Mini Jumps

    If your child is obsessed with horses but has no budget to buy one, you can give them the gift of jumping with miniature versions of horse jumps. You can buy kids horse jumps in many sizes to fit a child’s size, from 25cm to 80cm. These are great for small jumpers and come in different designs and sizes. Most of these jumps come with plastic poles that are 3.5cm thick and 100cm long with caps at the end.

    While a full-sized horse jump will cost you hundreds of dollars, these smaller versions are designed for kids’ safety, convenience, and fun. They can be used as garden decorations and a game to play with friends. Mini horse jumps come in sets and is typically lightweight and easy to store. The main advantage is that you can purchase several mini horses jumps at one time and store them for later use. These kits have three mini jumps, a pole, and two mini gates. The pieces are assembled and ready for jumping right away. Higher height fences offer less room for error than lower ones, but the elements are easier for younger riders. Also, choose a fence at least four feet six inches high. Combining two different fence heights will increase the challenge of jumping for a child. When selecting a kid horse jump, keep in mind that you will want to keep your child’s level of skill in mind.

    Hunter/Jumper fences

    Hunter/Jumper fences are perfect for this division if your child is a beginner. Pony hunters and young children compete in these classes, where the fence height is between three and six feet. The junior level is a little higher, usually three’6″, but sometimes goes up to four feet. 

    There are many differences between the jumper divisions. Some are for very young horses, while others are for more experienced riders. Young horse divisions are called ‘novice’ or maiden, divided into several age groups. Fences in these classes are set at 18″ or 2’3″ for green riders, and those for adults are two feet high. Pony hunters are ideal for young horses, although some shows limit the height to eighteen inches.

    Measurement and safety

    When you build a jump course for your child to ride on, you should be careful about the distance between fences. It must be large enough for the horse to step across. Also, the distance between each fence should be at least three feet long. It is slightly longer than the human stride. One stride equals four feet, and the horse will take off and land two steps after each fence. Keeping track of the distance between fences for your child’s jumps is the best way to ensure they’re always jumping safely. When buying a kids’ horse jump, it is important to keep in mind safety issues. Jumps should be sturdy, with smooth top surfaces and solid groundlines. If you are unsure, consider using decorations. You should also be aware of the strength and weight of the jump. Make sure that it’s made of strong, sturdy wood. There should be no exposed nails or sharp edges, and the jumps should not have loose, flimsy strings.

    Children shouldn’t approach the horse head-on because the horse’s vision is not great. Avoid standing directly in the horse’s blind spot, as this can spook it and make it run. Likewise, children should never duck under a horse’s neck. The animal may not notice a child under the neck and can strike them, causing injury. So while children will naturally want to duck underneath a horse, it is not safe.


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