US, the most powerful continent, is testing for treatment of COVID-19 to break the chain of spreading disease, as soon as possible America is conferred a spot for preventing this Pandemic. Hydroxychloroquine had delivered to America by India for contributing India’s best to restrict the spreading of this crisis.

According to US President Donald Trump, America is prevailing a clinical trial for COVID-19 breakdown medication, by testing ten several drugs in laboratories.

While the world is contaminated from this epic disease, total cases all over the world raised to 1,607,595 and deaths so far as props to 95,785, total cases completely recovered are 357,164 across the world.

However, no medicine founded yet for the treatment of the Novel Corona Virus. At the same time, US President Donald Trump announced that the ten drugs are being trialed in American laboratories for the medication of COVID-19. The council is prevailing to procure treatment without any delay.

US President Donald Trump also said that the American industry, scientists, and medical staff have stepped on to assist in contributing to the nation’s duty. Clinical examinations of 10 drugs are underway for the treatment of Corona.

The Novel Corona Virus is reaping most havoc in America, started spreading from Wuhan(China), instantly affecting the whole world.


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