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    Best Data Science Companies

    If you quickly look into the current commercial and corporate sector, you will come across data analytics and data science more than often. The reason behind it is very simple – data is a vital entity for any organization trying to be successful in the 21st century. Data Science is a field in IT dealing with extracting insights from unstructured or structured data and applying actionable insights and knowledge in solving real-world problems.

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    Data Science is a multidisciplinary field bringing together computer science, statistics, machine learning techniques to extract insights from the data. Data science is one of the fastest-growing and well-paying, most complex careers in the decade. After realizing the importance of data science, many companies, particularly data science companies, started emerging to provide data-driven solutions across the industry.

    If you are getting started with Data Science, you must know the pattern followed in data science projects. The key components are:

    • Data Exploration 
    • Data Modelling
    • Model testing
    • Model Deployment

    The other thing that you must know while getting started with data science is the skills required. Data science is a combination of computer science, maths & statistics, and domain expertise skills. 

    Computer Science Skills:

    • Big data technologies
    • Programming 

    Maths & Statistics Skills:

    • Ensemble Models
    • Machine Learning 
    • Anomaly Detection 

    Domain Expertise:

    • Expert Systems
    • Business Knowledge 
    • User Testing

    The other skills that data science companies look for are communication skills, statistics, and probability, data visualization skills, deep learning, machine learning skills, etc. Having these things discussed, the question that arises is which companies are exact data science companies? And which are the best data science companies that provide an excellent platform for getting started with data science.

    So let us now see the top 5 successful data science companies.

    • Oracle 
    • MuSigma
    • Fractal Analytics 
    • Tiger Analytics 
    • Amazon


    Oracle is considered one of the best data science companies and is an excellent company to work in. The most significant advantage for people getting started with data science is that the company offers different data science roles. This is very advantageous as it will allow freshers and professionals looking forward to starting a new career. The notable projects of Oracle include:

    1. A data-driven system developed for the NHS to improve data security and patient care in the UK.
    2. A flexible data-based system provided for DX Marketing to know the target audience for marketing campaigns. 
    3. Investigation and Analysis of transactions for Paysafe to provide a safe and secure payment channel for the customers. 

    Mu Sigma

    Mu Sigma is a leading pure-play decision science and big data analytics company. Their unique ecosystem brings together processes, people, and platforms.

    Mu Sigma collaborates with more than 140 firms from Fortune 500 companies. It is said that more than 3500 data scientists are working for Mu Sigma across the world. It has also been named as the Supplier of the Year by Walmart on four occasions. Also, Microsoft refers to Mu Sigma as their Analytics partner. Hence, MuSigma is one of the leading data science companies across the world. 

    Fractal Analytics 

    Fractal Analytics is one of the widely known data science and artificial intelligence companies. Fractl focuses on employing artificial intelligence and helping the world-famous Fortune 500 companies by powering each human decision in the enterprise. The notable projects of Fractal Analytics are Qure.ai that allows radiologists to make better decisions, while diagnostic, Theremin.ai, which helps investors in making better decisions while making investments. Cuddle.ai helps Senior Executives and CEOs make better strategic and tactical decisions, and Eugenie.ai helps find abnormalities in data having high velocity. 

    Tiger Analytics 

    Tiger Analytics is setting an example of how analytics and AI can solve a few of the most complex problems worldwide. Tiger Analytics has created custom solutions for several fortune 500 organizations based on technology and data. Tiger Analytics has offices in numerous cities across the United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, India, and a vast virtual workforce worldwide. Tiger Analytics has won various honors and has been named “A Forrester Research Leader” and “Fastest Growing IT Businesses” by Financial Times. 


    In recent decades, this e-commerce giant – Amazon, has been interestingly hiring more and more data scientists. Amazon is considered one of the most desired workplaces by millennials as it provides numerous opportunities to explore huge data-driven projects. Amazon has deployed artificial intelligence and data science in many ways. A few of their notable projects are: 

    1. Dynamic pricing algorithm which is data-driven. 
    2. Developing methods that will help Alexa to analyze and understand data in a better manner. 
    3. Analysis of customer data for the engine that recommends products. 

    The initial step in implementing an algorithm of data science is integrating the data from all the sources. Today, most businesses have a very high volume of data with a dynamic structure and stored across several applications. Working on a data pipeline from scratch for such data is a complex process. This is because the organizations use a considerable amount of resources to develop it and ensure that it can work with the increased scheme and data variation volume. 

    Wrap Up

    By choosing one of these best data science companies, you can give a nice kickstart to your career in data science. It would be best to explore different methods to improve and learn more to better yourself as a data scientist and achieve your goals. Considering the top 5 companies mentioned above, the demand for a professional data scientist is ever-increasing. This is because data science has become a core factor that influences the success of the organization. To get your dream job in the companies mentioned above or any top data science companies, you need to stand out from the other employees, which is possible with appropriate certification.


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