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    What You Need to Include on an Elevator Maintenance Check List

    Performing an elevator maintenance inspection isn’t by any means a simple task. Elevators are similar to PCs and vehicles in the sense that they operate using many different parts. If one of those parts is faulty, it can stop the entire machine from working. This is extremely complicated and problematic to manage. If you want more information on the crucial things to check during an elevator inspection, continue reading.

    The Interior Car

    When performing a check, you must ensure that everything inside the car is safe and up to date. Can the doors open and close well enough? All lights must be fully working to ensure visibility. This even includes the LEDs on the panel buttons. Furthermore, make sure that the emergency call button is fully working. This can be a time-consuming chore but, luckily, there are many elevator inspection services such as Atis that can assist you in an affordable and professional manner.

    Fire Safety

    With every elevator, there must be a fire safety system in place. Testing of fire alarms and sprinkler systems inside and outside the cars must be regularly carried out. Reduce the risk of fire hazards by installing and maintaining them in every elevator inspection. Here are some ideas for fire-fighting lifts.

    On the Top

    Above the car, you will find the cables which enable the elevator to run on electricity. You need to check that they are in good condition. If there are signs of wear, you may want to consider getting them replaced. Sometimes these cables are also damaged by rodents. You can prevent this by looking into pest-control products here. The brakes of the elevator are also located on the top. During inspections, it’s crucial to ensure these are fully working.

    The Machine Room

    Elevator machine rooms often become a dumping ground for clutter. During an inspection, it’s important to ensure that there are no hazards left lying around. Hazardous items forbidden from a machine room include flammable liquids, mops/buckets of water, spare lightbulbs and cigarette butts. The American Society of Engineers have a strict code to abide by that instructs machine rooms to be clean and uncluttered. Further details on their upkeep and requirements can be found here.

    Elevator Pits

    Each elevator has a pit that is situated on the lowest floor level and acts like a tiny basement. They are normally constructed using a strong, concrete material and harbor four walls. In elevator pits, it is important to create a waterproof surrounding to prevent any liquid damage as this could be extremely detrimental to your elevator and draining on your bank account. Water damage in the pits can cause the whole elevator to malfunction through dampness and consequently can be very expensive. You can learn more about waterproofing your elevator pit for the next inspection here.

    Hopefully, this information is a useful insight into the factors you must include in an inspection checklist. More information can be found in books and online if you wish to do further research.


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