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    British PM Boris Johnson is shifted to ICU due to COVID-19

    Novel Corona Virus toll mounting day by day and impacting on many of the people causing deaths, active cases, critical cases, new cases but a piece of minor good news is that many of the people affected from COVID-19 are get right now by our expert’s doctors, nurses and many of helpers taken place in the war against Novel Corona Virus. To deterring this vast and critical problem vastly, the whole of the nation’s citizens is attending their duty very well by staying at home.

    Only ordinary people are not only affected, but some VIPs are also dramatic from this massive disease like Singers, Actors, Leaders also are influenced.

    British PM Boris Johnson is shifted to ICU 

    Boris Johnson Britain’s PM in London has shifted in intensive care of expert doctors of Britain. He was diseased on Monday by Novel Corona Virus. But highly updates are that his condition is not so serious now about this.

    Death toll mounts to 74,811

    In the case of the world, the meter mounts to 1,349,605 from Corona Virus cases, deaths according to world increases to 74,811, and recovered cases that demonstrate that we will rise from this Pandemic showed by the Worldometer is 74,811.

    The most troubled nation is the USA with total cases 367,650, deaths 10,943, recovered cases are 19,810, and active cases are 336,897. The number of Spain with total cases 136,675, deaths are 13,341, recovered cases graph is high by 40,437, and active cases are 82,897, and on the third number nation is Italy by total cases 132,547, total deaths are 16,523, recovered cases 22,837, and active cases are 93,187. These are the three nations affected the most by Novel Corona Virus.

    Our team suggests all of you to “stay at home” if you love your life. Follow the rules as per Government declarations to save your life’s very well.


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