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    Buying a Luxury Handbag is like looking for the ideal man

    If you think that spending on a luxury bag is a waste of money, consider how often you change your everyday bag for a new one; a luxury bag is for life, which in the long run represents savings. If you have already decided to spend over $ 3,000 on a bag, it is better to handle it like any investment; that is, with intelligence and with the information at hand.

    Here are 8 factors to consider when choosing a luxury bag (and the many ways it is like looking for the right lil stock)

    1. Need versus Desire

    What we need and what we want does not always coincide, and in the case of any luxury item, it comes first. Keeping this general rule in mind will help you choose the best option, since the virtues offered by a bag that you will stop using in less than a year are different from those you should look for in a luxury bag. Something like the qualities of the man you date occasionally and those of the man you intend to marry.

    2. Color

    Unless you have a collection of luxury bags and this is one more, buy a color that survives the trends of the season. A luxury bag is something that you will use often and for a long time; It should not only match your current wardrobe, but also support the changes it will undergo in the future. In other words, a good luxury bag is like a good man: capable of enduring your whims and forgiving your mistakes.

    3. Construction

    What happens to the bag once you put everything you usually carry? If it is deformed, it is not the bag for you. Although you can buy a training base, why, if you are already spending so much on Gucci wallet? Or what is the same: what is the use of getting married if you have to supplement the relationship with a lover?

    4. Weight

    Take advantage of the experiment of seeing what happens when you fill your bag with your belongings (don’t worry about the shop assistant, who will have to put up with it because you’re about to spend more than she earns in a month) and load it as best suits you. It wheights too much? Does the bag hurt your shoulder or arm? As with a man, ask yourself if you will still love him when he gets fat.

    5. Interiors

    Flip the bag over to see inside. It must be as beautiful on the inside as on the outside, the equally perfect and resistant workmanship. Avoid liners of dark tones that will force you to sink half your head to find the lipstick. If we could do the same with a man up front to see how he is made inside, we would save ourselves more of a torment.

    6. Belts

    Long, short, fixed or removable, the best straps are those with which you best fit. If you usually wear your bag on your arm, don’t buy something to hang over your shoulder. If you prefer to hang your bag over your shoulder, make sure the straps will fit your favorite coat without constantly slipping. If you like having options, make sure your bag has a number of removable straps. The best bag (and the best man) is the one you know is there, while you barely notice it.

    7. Access

    Is it easy to get your wallet out without having to scramble everything or pour the innards of your purse into the car seat? Does it have multiple, easily accessible compartments that can be used without the bag becoming deformed? The best bag for you is like the best relationship: it has to be able to bear it all without losing its essence.

    8. Size

    While it seems that a bag is capable of storing all the essentials and something else, it should not be a black hole where you lose your keys four times a day. In itself, it will make you feel conspicuous if you are not used to wearing luxury items, so that the bag that is too large is a bag that you will stop using. Regarding the men and the size, we will put aside the comments about it.


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