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Noval coronavirus disease is declared as pandemic and infected around 180+ countries harshly. The death toll, as well as the number of cases, are increasing by leaps and bounds. All countries have applied strict rules and conditions; still it is multiplying. In India, the number of deaths is 35, and total cases are 1238 as per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Coronavirus news
Source – Ministry of Health and Family welfare

All over the world, there are around 8.5 lakh active cases and 2,19,255 cases with some results. About 42,000 patients died, and 32,297 are still in critical condition so far. The number of cases in the USA is maximum, and that is 1,82,728, from which 6400 has been recovered successfully.

Social distancing, use of masks, staying at home, and making yourself clean can stop transmission of coronavirus. Stay safe.


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