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    Coronavirus: Ten graves are being kept ready for use at all times in Bhopal cemetery

    Capital of Madhya Pradesh in view of rising outbreak of Corona virus global epidemic Bhopal At least ten graves are being kept ready for use at all times in one of the major cemeteries of the state. So far in Bhopal Corona virus There have been 900 cases of infection, of which 35 people have died. The arrangements have been made at Jhada Cemetery in Jahangirabad, the worst hit by Kovid-19 in Bhopal city.

    Rehan Golden, chairman of the management committee of this cemetery, said on Friday, “We keep at least ten graves in Jhada Cemetery ready for use at all times, because the bodies are coming here from hospitals anytime.” We do not know whether the people who died are Covid-19 infected. “Asked the reason to keep the graves ready for use,” It takes about 4-5 hours to dig a grave. In these circumstances we cannot make people wait for five hours to bury the dead bodies. That too when the administration is not even allowing the dead bodies of those who died in the hospital to be taken home. “

    Rehan said that since April 6, 38 dead bodies have come from various hospitals in the city since April. “We keep the graves ready and according to the Shariah it takes about half an hour for the burial rituals,” he said. On May 5, six bodies from different hospitals came to the cemetery on the same day. . “We take full care in all cases because we are not aware of whether the corpus coming from the hospital is infected with Covid-19,” Rehan said.

    According to a Health Department official, by Thursday evening, the number of people infected with Corona virus in Bhopal rose to 900. Of these, 35 people have died. 25 percent of the cases of infection in the city have been reported from Jahangirabad area alone. The first case of corona virus infection in Bhopal was reported on 22 March, when the infection was confirmed in a 25-year-old girl who returned from London.


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