COVID-19 Karnataka: 1743 total cases and 41 deaths are confirmed so far; Testing doubles in 16 days

Coronavirus: दूसरे देशों की तुलना में भारत की स्थिति बेहतर, WHO ने जारी किए आंकड़े

Corona virus (COVID-19) testing in Karnataka doubles in 16 days. Giving this information, the state’s Health Education Minister Dr. K Sudhakar said that we had done one lakh tests till 8 May. After this the figure doubled in just 16 days.

Complete lockdown has been implemented in Karnataka to prevent the corona virus. The state government decided to complete the lockdown in the state on Sunday to prevent the virus and said that all the shops would remain closed till 7 am on May 25. All commercial establishments including the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation bus terminal remained closed. Meanwhile, people living in these areas also supported the move and stayed at their respective homes.

Two days before resuming domestic air travel, the Karnataka government has released a new quarantine guideline for people from states with more cases of infection from the middle of lockdown. According to this, people coming to Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh will have to stay in the institutional lockdown. The new criteria also states that it will be necessary for travelers coming from other states to stay in a 14-day home quarantine.

So far, 1,743 cases of corona virus have been reported in Karnataka. Of these, 597 people have recovered and 41 people have died. There have been 1,31,868 cases in India, out of which 73,560 are active cases, 54,440 people have been cured and 3867 people have died.


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