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    COVID-19 News: 3.56 million confirmed cases and 248,137 deaths so far globally

    COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus has created havoc all over the world. Around 190+ countries are facing health as well as economic crisis due to this pandemic. Some countries are severely affected by this virus, and in some countries, it is still strengthening its roots. No vaccine is discovered for this pandemic. According to the worldometer, there are around 3,563,359 confirmed COVID-19 cases. About 1,401,984 cases had an outcome, out of which 1,153,847 patients recovered successfully and discharged, and 248,137 cases resulted as death.

    There are a total of 2,161,375 infected patients, out of which around 2,111,335 are in mild condition. Around 50,040 patients are still in severe condition.COVID-19

    Patients toll is rapidly growing in the United States of America, and with the addition of 26000+ new cases, there are around 1,187,804 confirmed cases so far. 68,589 fatalities are registered so far, and 178,263 patients recovered from this pandemic and discharged. 16,139 patients are in serious condition in the USA. New York has around 323,883 confirmed cases and observed as the biggest hotspot of coronavirus.

    Another biggest hotspot of coronavirus in the USA is New Jersey and has around 127,438 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

    Spain is the second most affected nation, and there are a total of 247,122 confirmed cases so far. 25,264 deaths and around 148,558 recovered cases are confirmed till now. Currently, there are 2,386 patients in serious condition.

    India is also one of the nations where the coronavirus is strengthening its roots. There are a total of 42,505 confirmed cases in India so far, around 29,339 cases are still active. With 1391 fatalities, around 11,775 patients recovered and discharged. Around 2600 new cases are registered in previous 24 hours in India. You can defeat this pandemic by follow the guidelines given below –

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    • Keep washing your hands with soap at regular intervals
    • Use mask and sanitizer
    • Stay at home and follow lockdown
    • Install Aarogya setu application
    • Keep distance from unhealthy person



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