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    COVID-19 pandemic toll near to 2.2 million with 145,521 fatalities

    Coronavirus has created chaos all over the world. Every country is facing this crisis. Thousands of patients losing their lives every single day. According to the worldometer, the total number of cases is 2,182,197 globally, and around 145,521 fatalities are registered so far. Till now, 547,295 patients recovered from this pandemic. 56,588 patients are still in critical condition, and approximately 1,432,793 patients are in mild condition.

    The United States of America is the most brutally affected nation. Around 677,570 peoples are infected with this virus. 34,617 deaths are confirmed in the USA, out of which 4491 deaths are registered in previous 24 hours. The President of the USA, Donald Trump, said that he would not let the death toll cross 100k. Many vaccines are being tested. New York and New Jersey are the most prominent hotspots of Coronavirus in the USA. Meanwhile Donald Trump tweeted and said – Thank God for truckers.

    Spain is the second in the table of Coronavirus pandemic deaths. There are around 184,948 cases in Spain; 19,315 deaths are registered so far with 74,797 recovered cases. 7371 patients are still in severe condition. After Spain, Italy is the most affected country and have 168,941 cases so far. 22,170 deaths and 40,164 recoveries are confirmed in Italy till now.

    The total number of cases in France is 165,027. Around 32,812 patients recovered and discharged, and 17,920 deaths are confirmed so far.


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