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    COVID-19 News – Cases toll 3,483,334 and 244,761 fatalities registered so far globally

    The novel coronavirus, its starting point, was China’s, Wuhan, which has now spread to 130+ countries, and now the whole world is facing the economy as well as the health crisis.

    As you all know about COVID-19 stats are rising day by day, and it becomes chaos in the whole world. Most of the nations are affected by this epidemic. About 3,483,334 cases and 244,761 fatalities confirmed so far globally. And the good news is that around 1,108,826 patients have been recovered decently.

    Approximately 2,129,747 cases are still active at present, and the number of patients is increasing day by day. Stats of normal condition patients reached 2,078,889 and around 50,858 patients have in critical condition.

    About 1,353,587 cases have an outcome, out of which 1,108,826 patients have recovered and discharged, and 244,761 of patients have died.

    Here are some most affected nations from COVID-19 that are given below:

    The USA is the most affected by the Novel Coronavirus, in which a total of 1,160,774 cases have been reported, about 67,444 deaths registered so far, and 161,112 patients have been recovered successfully.

    Approximately 228,556 cases have been closed, of which 161,112 patients have been recovered, and about 67,444 of patients had died.

    In Spain, there are 245,567 cases and 25,100 of deaths confirmed so far. About 146,233 cases have been recovered by the specialists.

    Around 74,234 Corona cases are active, out of which 71,848 patients have in normal condition, and 2,386 patients have in serious condition.

    Approximately 171,333 cases have an outcome, out of which 146,233 patients had recovered and discharged, and 25,100 patients lost their lives.

    In Italy, there are 209,328 cases, and about 28,710 fatalities registered so far. About 79,914 patients had been recovered and discharged.

    Around 100,704 cases are active at present, of which 99,165 cases have in the mild condition, and 1,539 patients have a critical situation.

    Approximately 108,624 cases have an outcome, out of which 79,914 patients have been recovered and 28,710 of patients had died.

    These are the most affected countries of Novel Corona Virus provided upward.


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