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    COVID-19 News: 2.4 Million cases, and 165,069 deaths confirmed globally

    The whole world now fell into a critical situation due to Corona Virus. 200+ countries are affected by this Pandemic. Around 1,568 new deaths in the previous 24 hours. Lockdown is also not working well in front of this enormous crisis. About 2,407,339 cases are registered globally and rising fastly every single hour. Around 165,069 deaths are confirmed so far. A total of 625,127 patients is fully recovered and discharged from hospitals.

     1,617,143 cases are still active right now, and about 1,562,925 (97%) cases are in mild condition, and 54,218 (3%) patients are still in severe condition. 790,196 cases had an outcome, however 625,127 (79%) patients are recovered and 165,069 (21%) patients lost their lives.

    The USA is the most affected nation by +433 new cases in the last 24 hours, by adding new patients, the total cases are about 764,265, and almost 40,565 patients fall to death. Around 13,566 cases are still severe conditions, and 71,012 patients are recovered from this disease.

    The next country that is most affected by this virus in Spain, with 198,674 total cases and around 20,453 deaths are registered so far. 7,371 cases are critical condition, and nearly 77,357 cases are recovered, that’s indicating good news for Spain.

    Stay at home, Stay Safe, and Save Lives


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