As the COVID-19 is being spread globally, we have tracked all the data of total cases, deaths, recoveries, and severe cases confirmed yet. The total number of cases reached to 2,481,287, as out of it 784+ cases are confirmed in the previous day. Around 170,436 deaths are registered globally, but the good news is that 646,854 of patients are recovered successfully.

About 1,663,997 cases are still active. Out of total active cases, approx 1,607,231 patients are in mild condition, and 56,766 cases are still in critical condition.

About 817,290 patients had an outcome from this epidemic. Of these, 646,854 (79%) patients have been recovered/discharged and 170,436 (21%) of patients get died.

The data of most affected countries is given below –

  •  The USA, the most affected country by this Pandemic, has reached total cases to 792,759 and about 42,514 deaths are registered totally. Till now, 72,389 patients are recovered relatively. Active cases mount to 677,856, and 13,951 patients are in serious condition.
  • Spain, total cases toll about 200,210 and 20,852 people have died so far. Specialist/doctors performed well by recovering 80,587 of patients. But 98,771 cases are still active, and 7,371 patients are in a critical situation.
  • Italy is also facing this enormous crisis and struggling for prevention. COVID-19, total cases reached to 181,228, approx 24,114 of deaths are registered, and till now 48,877 cases are recovered. 108,237 patients are active and in intensive care of doctors/facilities. About 2,573+ patients are facing a critical condition.


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