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    Custom Face Pillow, Gold and Christmas Pillow

    The pillows that we use nowadays weren’t usually as smooth or as common. In reality, their history would possibly surprise many people. We don’t certainly recognize when the first pillows have been conceptualized however there are a few absolutely exciting specimens that survived from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and China.

    Our Throw Pillows selection features more than 5600 designs, in a variety of 3 different sizes. Each throw pillow is hand-made in USA based factory, and features art on both sides. All pillows are machine washable and dryable, and are also available in an water and stain resistant fabric

    Custom Face Pillow

    These Real Looking Custom Face Pillows turns any selfie, or photo of each person’s face right into a double-sided, ultra-smooth, and hyper-sensible pillow. It’s a completely unique present for any event that will make sure to convey an amazing smile on every person’s face.

    Simple add your photo, upload any notes to your fashion designer, and that’s it!

    Gold Decorative Pillow

    This Gold Decorative Throw Pillow features an amazing design to add final touch to your residing room, bed room, or visitor room. The cover of this yellow piece is woven from a polyester mixture, making this pillow perfect for indoor use.

    Christmas Throw Pillow

    Christmas Throw Pillow By Andrea Haase brings Together Art And Comfort Like Never Before. This Pillow Will Add A Perfect Finishing Touch To Sofas And Beds, And Makes A Great Gift For Any Occasion.

    Washing a Throw Pillow:

    Throw pillows are favored to be washed in two methods, by means of machine washing or via spot-cleaning. It’s essential to clean those objects with full care so that their colours don’t get spoiled. Your pillow should be categorized with a law label that states your pillow is manufactured from one hundred% polyester. You could clean your pillow with any suitable way for this fabric.

    Washing by Machine

    Throw pillows are 100% machine washer-friendly, which reduces the effort in cleaning. Simply stick to the instructions beneath:

    • Wash your pillow with low temperature water to maintain its colourful shades.
    • Keep away from placing too many objects in the laundry at one time . It might also prevent the pillow from getting cleaned well.
    • Add a balanced quantity of detergent and don’t overdo. Make the cycle regular and don’t increase its speed.
    • Your pillow can also look deformed because of the fiber being choppy. To restore the form, all you need to do is press down and frivolously distribute the fiber throughout the whole pillow.

    How to Spot Clean Your Pillow?

    An equally powerful way to softly wash your pillow is through spot-cleaning it:

    • After getting rid of any strong debris, grasp a smooth white fabric or paper towel. Do not use a coloured fabric or printed napkins due to the fact once in a while the colour can bleed onto the stained pillow.
    • Hose down the cloth or paper towel with water, and add up a small quantity of cleaning detergent if essential. Clean the surface that is working from the outside in the direction of the center.
    • Wait and let it air dry.

    Warning: Don’t ever use bleach or any harsh chemical on throw pillows. It’s going to harm the artwork and fabric quality of your pillow. Just imagine for a moment having throw pillow for enhancement of outdoor beauty, with dull colors. Looks worst i think? Do cleaning in a soft way

    How to dry a throw pillow?

    After cleaning, drying a throw pillow is another procedure. You don’t have to fear as following are simplest easy cleaning approaches that allow you to dry your pillow in an easy attempt.

    Machine Drying your Pillow:

    Drying pillow by machine is an easy and amazing technique however you need to be cautious about the temperature,

    • Keep your pillow pillow within the dryer and use the lowest heat setting viable.
    • You should dryer periodically in order to check if the pillow is drying lightly. Fluffing up the pillow’s distribution is usually recommended, it’s going to hold the pillow on its place and keep away from any flip overs inside it.

    Air Drying your Pillow:

    Following is a technique to dry a pillow without the use of machine,

    • Squeeze out as plenty of water as possible from the pillow. You can also use a towel to get rid of the extra water.
    • Lay pillow on a flat surface or hang on a clothesline to dry.

    Tip: You should try drying your pillow in natural sunlight. The daylight acts as a natural disinfectant in opposition to stinky microorganism.

    Time for shipping

    Our current production time is 3-5 business days. At checkout we will provide you an estimated delivery time, as well as options for expedited production. All orders are shipped with tracking and you will receive your tracking number by email as soon as it’s available.

    Current time estimates are shown below:

    Standard Shipping & Handling: 10-20 Working Days

    Priority Shipping: 5-10 Working Days

    Expedited Shipping: Up to 5 Working Days


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