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    Digital Nomad – Living in New York

    We all aspire to travel the world and explore. Some countries may be more beautiful than others and some cities can be breathtaking more than others and you think to yourself “Why shouldn’t I stay”. America it’s the land of freedom and the land of opportunities, a busy country with endless opportunities to work and explore if you have the time and the energy and sure enough why not live in it if you feel that America can give you what you have been missing all your life.

    The parks, the social and exciting life, places where you can go and visit and the people that you can meet from all over the globe. Being in the states the first thing that you should do is visit New York and of course, we can’t forget The Statue of Liberty.

    New York is one of the busiest cities in the states. A dazzling city was for those who want to experience the real American dream. Digital nomads are an interesting bunch. When you’re able to work anywhere, there’s no need to rush.

    There are loads of things you will be worried about when deciding to move abroad, but money shouldn’t be one of them. However, the key is not to turn up blind in a new city. If you are just starting up and wandering around town I’ll show you a few tips to make your day easier and make you enjoy your stay in New York. If you’re passionate about your life as a digital nomad then this site for coliving spaces in New York will help you settle there.

    Accommodation in New York

    After a long day of working, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Peace, quiet, and something to relax after stressful hours of work. Accommodation in New York can be tricky depending on where you want to live and on the budget that you want to spend on accommodation, but don’t worry we have got you covered.

    Airbnb it’s the leading website when it comes to finding accommodation no matter where you are located. It doesn’t matter if you want to live on your own or if you want to share the accommodation with someone else, Airbnb has all the options.

    If you are looking forward to exploring the city, making new friends, and making yourself feel engaged in the community then a NYC Co-living is the perfect option for you. With just the click of the finger, you can find people who are willing to share a flat and why not spend time enjoying social activities and sharing each other’s culture. 

    NYC Options for Digital Nomads

    For a digital nomad, time is everything and getting things done in time is something that digital nomads live with. In A big city such as New York the possibilities for different places where you can sit comfortably, have a cup of coffee are endless.

    As a digital nomad, you tend to stay up pretty late and you can get work done while enjoying a cup of hot coffee or tea. If you are looking for something where you can socialize with people, work at the same time, and where the internet is super fast so you won’t miss a thing from your favorite basketball team, co-working spaces are the perfect place for you.

    Coworking spaces are filled with digital nomads and freelancers so making a new friend and new connections to expand your business won’t be that hard. Did you think we’d forget the quiet crowd already? Think again. If you want to go away from the busy streets, the music and the people in general there’s nothing better than working the old fashioned way.

    Libraries are a place of quiet where you can stay for long hours working and doing your things without anybody disturbing you or making any noise. Libraries can be found all over New York and missing in one is nearly impossible. If your work is based on data research and researching overall for different topics then you shouldn’t miss the opportunities on the wide range of books that libraries have. 

    Eating in New York

    One more important thing in the life of a person is eating and what’s better than starting your day with your stomach full and ready to conquer everything in your path. Eating in New York can be a bit expensive depending on where you want to eat or what you would like to eat. For those people who have a keen sense for food and want to try everything that New York has to offer food trucks and street vendors are all placed around New York. You can find food and cook from almost every culture and nationality.

    If you are the type of person who wants to have a good dinner in the company of a glass of wine and the sparkling lights of the city restaurant near the city center won’t fail your expectations. Budget is not a limit if you want to have the full experience of fancy eating. If you feel a bit more reserved and want to enjoy a normal meal in the warmness of your house than cooking for yourself it’s the got to go.

    If you are on a budget, cooking for yourself is something that can help despite the prices of food in the supermarkets are quite a bit expensive. You can manage to save some money to do other things that you would like to try out.


    To sum it all up New York can be the best of the two worlds, noisy and peaceful, expensive and cheap, beautiful and busy. No matter if you are staying in a shared house or living alone, New York it’s the city where dreams are made and the opportunities are plentiful. You just need to have the courage and take the right chance to grab them.


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