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    Digital Photography: An Attractive Business for Instagram User

    Lately, we are immersed in a revolution in relation to the way we share and use images. Digital photography is at its best with the rise of the internet and social networks and is used for multiple purposes: Content on websites or company accounts on social networks, illustrating commercial content, generating online presentations or making documents more visually attractive.

    Technical information and specifications of products or services. This in addition to personal uses, wedding photo sessions, birthdays, among other popular ways of enjoying these materials.

    If you have free time and a minimum of capital to purchase equipment, this can be a great opportunity to generate an alternate source of income is to contact with specialist just like Goread.io.

    Among the benefits of undertaking in this business we can mention:

    The investment required is minimal

    There is an international market, that is, you can develop beyond the Dominican borders. The images are understood in all languages ​​and there are multiple sites on the internet where you can publish your productions to be marketed.

    There is a wide range of courses, from beginner level, to learn basic and advanced techniques and skills. They are both locally and online. Now, it is not that you will take a camera and start taking pictures and that’s it.

    You must train to be the best in that area, why? Because as an entrepreneur you must make yourself known for doing quality work.

    1. The first thing you should do is perfect your art so you can get more profit. If you know and like to do photography, then specialize and hone your skills. Make sure that your knowledge will allow you to offer unique images.
    2. If you meet with people who are experts in photography, it is much better, because you can learn from their techniques and receive advice and constructive criticism regarding your way of working with images. We recommend several local Facebook groups such as MANSO foto grú or forums in Spanish where you will share knowledge with future colleagues.
    3. After this, visualize where you want to go, in what aspect of digital photography you want to specialize. Choose the style that suits you best or with which you feel most defined. Determine what photographic work you want to do. If it is photographs for weddings, birthdays, family, nature, online advertising, images for websites or tourism. Think of a type of photography that fits your style.
    4. Calculate a budget for the work team you need. Keep in mind that depending on the type of photographs you decide to take, this will be the tools and accessories you will use. There are specialist photography websites such as B&H and don’t forget to visit local stores as well.
    5. After having a clear objective, the way in which you will work and the necessary equipment, proceed to promote your talent. Create a website or use social networks like Facebook and Instagram to showcase your materials and productions, as well as you can create your Instagram ranking profile with the help of companies like Goread.
    6. You can also use flyers in specific places. Talk about what you offer, send emails to family and friends so that they spread the word to their acquaintances.
    7. Start small, while your offer is made known and you build your way as a digital photography professional. You can in the first instance do some low-cost work for some people close to you, so that they can testify to the quality of your work. Show your work to people who might be interested and consider offering them a discount. As you grow, you can continue to offer benefits to loyal and new customers. Do not want to take advantage of more, be fair with what you have left over for your work.

    7- Rent a small space to start making your creations according to your budget

    In short, if you decide to venture into this business alternative, train yourself in such a way that your work is recognized for its quality outside and inside the internet.


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