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    7 Advantages Of Online Recruitment For Companies

    The Internet has given access to a universe of information, a huge amount of data that makes it easier for Human Resources managers to identify the best talent for companies. Online recruitment is here to stay, thanks to its great effectiveness in managing human capital compared to traditional methods.

    Given the importance of having the best profiles in a highly competitive environment, companies cannot sit still waiting for professionals to knock on their doors, but rather must adapt to HR trends . They need to surf the web to create links with human capital, interact with it through digital platforms and social networks, and publicize the company through new technologies.


    In this sense, according to the study, 86% of Spanish companies have a presence on social networks and 84% use them for personnel selection . Similarly, 9 out of ten professionals have a social profile and 78% use it to look for work.

    In fact, users of social networks who follow a brand do so, in the first place, to find out about the job offers that they publish and the first option that professionals actively looking for work turn to are job portals or , consulted by 98% of those surveyed in the study. For their part, 86% of those responsible for online recruitment in companies say they consult the profiles of pre-selected applicants before making a final decision on hiring.

    An interaction, moreover, that does not remain a dead letter, since 77% of the participants in the survey have presented their CV through social networks and almost half have been contacted by companies in response to their candidacy.  

    Advantages of online recruitment

    Now, what is the reason for this expansion of online professional recruitment agency in the business sector? Its rise responds to a series of advantages inherent to this method of personnel selection :

    • More candidates. With a job advertisement in a newspaper, only readers and those close to them had access to the offer. In contrast, in online recruitment there are no time or geographical limits. Any professional, from anywhere in the world, can access an offer, in the same way that organizations can connect and meet potential candidates regardless of their residence.
    • More immediacy. Online selection processes reduce recruitment times, due to the speed at which the digital environment moves. You only have to wait a few minutes after posting a job offer to start receiving applications.
    • More connection. Online recruitment also favors the creation of links with professionals. It is not just about publishing an offer at a given time, but about creating employer branding and connecting with the members of the job market.
    • More knowledge. The professionals’ curriculum is expanded with online recruitment: the experience and training inherent in the paper document is complemented by all the information that users of social networks share in their profiles. A very valuable knowledge, since it allows to know the candidate more thoroughly and to check more accurately if he will fit in the company.
    • Better analysis. The technology that comes with online recruitment makes it possible to automate the study and evaluation of both the applicants and the process itself. Thus, digital employment platforms allow us to filter applicants based on various parameters and through big data we can analyze the impact of an offer, for example.
    • Less costs. Many companies benefit from notable savings by being able to reach numerous applicants at zero cost through job portals and social networks, avoiding having to hire specialized recruitment companies.
    • More customization. The breadth of the internet makes it possible for those responsible for Human Resources to design job offers or brand reputation actions according to their objectives and needs. Posting an ad on a social network to reach a large audience or limiting the offer to a closed LinkedIn group or on a very specialized portal,


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