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    Doctor Deven Treated Seven Corona Patients With Zinc and Hot Water

    • Dr. Devan is becoming famous for his methods of treatment of corona, his methods are very easy and common, they do not cost much.
    • Doctor Devan claims that if people start taking zinc tablets every day, the speed of the disease can be stopped, lockdown can also be opened.

    Dr PP Devan is from Kerala and is becoming famous these days. Their different methods of treatment of corona have brought them into discussion. Actually, Dr. Devan believes that zinc and hot water can protect you from corona. According to them, if the level of zinc in the body is good, then infection or virus cannot affect the body. They have so far treated 7 corona patients with zinc and hot water and all patients have also recovered.

    Doctor Devan, who has been treating cold and cough for 30 years, has become very viral on social media recently. The reason is clear that because these measures to avoid corona are very easy and common and there is no need for complicated treatment for this.

    AJ of Mangalore According to Dr. Devan, Professor of Head and Neck Surgery at the Medical College, Corona or any such infection can be avoided if everyone in the country includes zinc in their diet.

    Dr. Devan says corona is not a new virus, its strength has increased these days. The big reason for this is that our food has changed. This epidemic can be avoided by including zinc in what you eat every day. Melon, papaya, pineapple, walnuts are rich in zinc. Or if you want, you can also take it in tablet form. We talked to Dr. Devan on these simple ways to prevent corona.

    1. What is your method for treatment of corona positive?

    It is very important to treat the virus immediately after its arrival. This treatment will have to be done within 48 hours of the virus entering the body. If you feel a sore throat or are feeling tired, start drinking hot water immediately. So hot that you sweat after drinking and the body temperature rises by one or two degrees. By the way, sweat also comes from running or working hard, but only hot water will stop the virus from growing. If the zinc level in the body is good then the immunity will be strong and the virus will die.

    2. What to include in the food so that the level of zinc in the body is good?

    Make papaya and melon seeds powder and eat it with rice. Or you can add zinc to your diet through 2 walnuts, some dark chocolate, a two slice pineapple. Apart from this, you can also take zinc and iron tablets by asking your doctor.

    3. What amount of zinc and how long will it take?

    The body needs 40 mg of zinc every day. Rasam drink in South India contains zinc. Eating fruits after lunch will also give you this. The syrup-tablet the doctor gives is usually taken twice a week to stay healthy. It should be taken daily at the time of corona. For at least ten days.

    4. Is there no need to always take care of zinc levels in the body?

    I have some children who are always sick. I told them to add zinc to the diet and they started falling ill. I would say that it should be included in eating it every day.

    5. Can people of all ages take it?

    People over 60 years of age are dying from Corona because they lack zinc in their body. If we give them zinc, they will benefit greatly. It does not have any side effects. People suffering from blood pressure or any disease can also take zinc. People of all ages can take it.

    6. Is zinc better to eat or is it better to take it through medicine?

    Earlier we used to drink red rice ganji. It was involved in eating many years ago. Then there were no heart blocks or attacks. Eating Bicomplex does not cause heart blockage. It is better to include it in food, otherwise you can take medicines. But take care how you take it. Many times I give zinc tablets and it is not digested in the body. It is easily digested in the body by taking zinc with rice or lemon.

    Four instructions to strengthen the immunity system …

    • Stop drinking tea. If you are addicted to drinking tea, then it is better to heat water, milk and then add tea leaf and filter it and drink it soon. This will also bring tea flavor and it will not do any harm. Boiling the tea removes its chemical and blocks iron zinc in the body. Green tea is equally harmful.
    • Use lemon in food. If you eat rice, biryani and add lemon to it, then iron zinc will be absorbed in the body. You can also drink half a lemon mixed with a glass of warm water.
    • Before bed, drink turmeric mixed with hot milk. This increases the immunity of your body.
    • Drink warm water and include zinc in your diet. After eating food, drinking cumin in hot water will also be beneficial.


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