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    Experts’ advice to 31 million students taking the exam between Corona

    • Ignore Student Rumors, Think Positive, Focus on Good Things Instead of Corona News
    • Family’s role in exam preparation important, leave the discussion of stress and discuss future target with children

    The examinations of the 10th and 12th class of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) were stuck due to coronavirus and lockdown. Will there be other examinations or not? There was a long period of speculation about this. On which CBSE has put the brakes. The board has decided to hold the remaining papers between July 1 and 15. Now there will be 29 important subject examinations in 83 of 12th, which are required for admission in a college. These include Business Study, Geography, Hindi, Home Science, Sociology, Computer Science, Information Practice, IT and Biotechnology.

    But, students are worried about being tempted in the midst of the epidemic, many questions are also coming in their mind. In such a situation, experts are giving better preparation tips to the students without fear.

    In these conditions, even the test taker is no less than a warrior

    Aradhana Sharma, head of the chemistry department at Bhopal-based Gandhi Vidya Niketan (GVN) The Global School, says that rumors are afoot about the exam and passing. It is being claimed that students will get average marks only. Students should give time to study by ignoring such rumors. At the same time, Tara Mishra, teacher of Kendriya Vidyalaya Mumbai, advises the students to make this exam memorable without worrying about the virus. Because you will remember for a long time that under which circumstances the exam was given. You too can become a warrior by giving exams.

    Make the preparation easy with the advice of experts

    Formula of 70/30: Tara Mishra advises students to include a 70/30 formula in their studies. According to this, the student has to concentrate 70% on difficult subjects. While keep 30 per cent focus on easy topics and keep revising again and again.

    • Include easy learning methods in studies: Tara Mishra says that children should properly organize their studies at this time. Use learning methods in studies. Focus on self study. Divide the units or chapters into small parts. Do your studies according to the simple and difficult parts.
    • Focus on writing: Psychiatrist Doctor Anamika Papadiwal tells that in the spare time keep practicing to maintain writing speed. During this time you can do old paper solvents. Experts recommend creative writing. This will help you score well in the subject.
    • Read old topics again and again: In education, keep paying attention to old topics again and again. Aradhana Sharma says that during this time you can solve the past 5 to 10 years of paper. Also keep revision.
    • Maintain time management: According to Aradhana Sharma, morning is the best time for studies. Try to study more at this time. Schedule sleep. Apart from the subject, keep reading additional books. Control your sleep.

    Family’s role is also important
    Experts also give responsibility to the family members for better preparation for the children’s exam. Doctor Anamika says that it is the responsibility of the family to create an atmosphere for studying at home. Good environment is required for good studies. Instead of talking about the corona news to keep the children away from other stressors, talk about the future.



    It is very important to remain relaxed

    • Make changes in lifestyle: Doctor Anamika says that children should change their lifestyle at this time. Get up in the morning to meditate and if possible, give time to the prair. Good diet is required for good studies. Include nutritious food in your diet.
    • Live among positive people: Think good, bypassing all bad news. Take the delay positively, because you have got more time than others for the exam. Experts also recommend parents and family members to keep children away from stress.
    • Future Planning: Future planning is very important. Have students think about their future in free time. Plan your future target. Like, which college do you want to enroll in after the exam? Apart from this, think about further studies.
    • Indoor Games: Due to corona epidemic you are not able to get out. In such a situation, after studying, you can use indoor games to relax the mind. Plan your day-long routine better.

    What will be the effect of delay in exam

    Dr. Anamika Papadiwal explains that when a long gap comes in any exam, the result is affected. However, students who are lagging behind in preparation have a chance to come forward. At the same time, the results of students who have done better preparation before, can be a bit spoiled. According to Tara Mishra, the children are getting good time due to lockdown and holidays and this will not affect their performance.

    18 lakh students in 10th class and 12 lakh students in 12th

    By combining both classes, this time more than 31 lakh students will give exams. These include 18 lakh 89 thousand 878 students in class 10 and 12 lakh 6 thousand 893 students in class 12. The board had set up around 10,000 centers across the country for examinations that began in February. However, for the upcoming exams, it is possible to change their numbers slightly. In such a situation, the students who took the exam with ‘cheating distance’ between two chairs will now be seen following ‘social distancing’ in the hall.

    Answer sheet examination has started at more than 3 thousand centers

    Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank had announced to start the process of checking answer sheet on Saturday. After this, this process has also started at more than 3 thousand centers across the country from 10 May. Copies will be sent to teachers’ homes for further investigation.


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