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    All You Need to Know About Goblin Slayer Season 2

    Will, there be a Goblin Slayer Season 2?

    Before talking about Goblin Slayer Season 2, the first thing we should point out is talk about the movie that recently just aired in theatres in Japan. It was a Goblin Slayer movie. It opened in Japan’s theatres on February 01st, 2020. If you’re looking to see the movie/OVA, the release date for its DVD has finally been confirmed. 

    The official website has just recently announced that Goblin Slayer’s Goblin Crown release on Blu-ray and on DVD on July 29th, 2020. 

    The movie ended up being ended up 60 minutes long. It did adopt volume 5 of the light novel series. 

    The first installment of the franchise dropped in October 2018 which lasts for two months. It contains twelve episodes that were full of action, adventure, and mystery.

    Could be the pandemic situation delayed the production and shooting for the upcoming season. It is expected the release of the second installment by late 2020 or early 2021.

    Goblin Slayer Season 2 Release Date

    For one thing, it could mean that the wait for a Goblin Slayer Season 2 could have got just a little bit longer. With the announcement of the movie and the fact that the DVD is coming out down until July this summer.

    However, as of the latest updates, we are currently waiting and this anime is put on hold for now because Whitefox or any other company has not officially confirmed its second installment. Or its release date.

    Goblin Slayer Season 2: Goblin Slayer Manga

    Overall this anime did end up being pretty decent when it came to revenue as Goblin Slayer manga was quite popular worldwide. 

    Once it did air on Crunchyroll, Whitefox Studio actually ended up switching up the story in order to give a better ending to the first season. In the anime by episode 3, the anime story has been adapted up to chapter 6 of the manga. 

    The ending of chapter 4matched up with chapter 9 of the manga. It also finished up the first volume of the light novel. 

    Overall the Goblin Slayer anime just adapted to books that contain 29 manga chapters. This leaves a room full of speculation for a new season. 

    Goblin Slayer Season 2: Is there another season?

    We really admit that there are a lot of bad news websites out there that are claiming that season two has been confirmed for the 2021 release. But it isn’t true yet. They have not officially said anything about the forthcoming season.

    Once the release date does get confirmed we will surely give an update on that. 

    However, there is speculation that Wihitefox’s CEO releases many OVA episodes for the ZERO seasons before actually confirming the production of the ZERO season 2. Based on these past speculations, it id possible that Goblin Slayer could follow the same legacy. In the meantime, we just have to wait and see.


    Also, let us know down below in the comment box what you guys think about Goblin Slayer Season 2. We definitely believe that season would happen. 

    Fans have to be careful with what they read online because there are a lot of bad websites that do not bother to present relevant and reasonable information. 


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