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    HDSector Proxy: Another Torrent’s Alternative to Download the Latest Movies 

    HDSector proxy is just another renowned torrent website that provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links used for peer-to-peer sharing through the BitTorrent protocol. After Pirates Bay, HDSector is the second most browsed torrent platform in 2020. It is touted as IMDB’s doppelganger with its minimal and user-friendly interface.

    HDSector contains a vast pool of movies, TV shows, Docuseries, and many more from a range of genres. It uploads all sorts of content, especially from Netflix and amazon prime. As of now, the HDSector website is prohibited in India under the Anti Piracy law.

    The new torrent proxy works under a peer-to-peer file sharing mechanism in the form of seeds and peers. It works under a peer-to-peer sharing mechanism where the torrent link is generated when downloaded through UTorrent or BitTorrent applications. HDSector Proxy is listed under the top 10 torrent websites. It is circulated among the users with different domain names as an attempt to not get busted by the Anti Piracy cell.

    Websites like HDSector Proxy is really a major concern as it promotes piracy at an international level which has a downsizing effect on the entertainment industry. The production houses around the globe are losing billions of dollars. India was the first country to contain piracy by banning the torrent website under the cognizance of IT and piracy laws. 

    HDSector Proxy flourished in the current times due to the users who feed on free online content provided by them. The recent curtail by the government of India has led to a decline in the usage of such proxy sites. Here’s everything you need to know about these websites :

    HDSector Proxy: New Design And Features

    After the shakeout of Pirate Bay, the website which has made the made inroads to piracy is HDSector proxy as the website grew a massive number of users since its inception in 2007.

    Its new design and layout resemble as same as Pirate Bay have a search engine feature that contains a search box only.

    HDSector proxy is running some of the leading proxy forums, to enhance the seeds and peers that/ helps circulate any files in the intra web very frequently. 

    HDSector has left behind the number one torrent site Kickass Torrents who lead the pack with its active community forums. It has also gained Kickass’s former users which have given the massive web traffic on the website.  

    Movies which were Leaked and Promoted by HDSector

    HDSector is said to be the notorious piracy website which has become the platform for all the latest movie and TV series for free. Users can almost all the Hollywood affiliated events and newly released theatre events. It has reportedly having leaked the most anticipated movies of our times at a time when they running in theatre.

    How does HDSector Proxy work?

    There are a lot of proxy and mirror sites that help users reach the HDSector where one can easily search their favorite or forthcoming movie. HDSector operates with several other mirror platforms such as  : 

    It is the peer-to-peer sharing technique that is doing the whole rounds to spread piracy. It is because of the unethical and unlawful practice that it is more turning more people to not buy OTT subscriptions or paying their way to the cinema halls. It is because there is a great deal of entertainment stuff that one can download without going for a subscription through certain shared websites HDSector.

    HDSector is getting accessible at the global scale which relies on an indistinguishable database about the user’s search history, based on that people tend to use more and more as it uses affiliate techniques to lure their customer database.


    The purpose of this article is to not promote any illegal proxy movie sites. All information available in this article is authentic and 100 percent accurate. The motto of writing this article is to not encourage the use of HDSector proxy or any similar websites. The information published here is the news source. Downloading torrent files is a punishable offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. The information provided here is for awareness purposes only.


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