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    Best Areas in Hyderabad That Can Provide Budget-Friendly PG Accommodation

    One of the biggest rookie mistakes while renting a room in a PG is choosing to live in a remote, shifty locality, drawn by the cheap rent. These PGs often lure unsuspecting naïve youngsters into paying a hefty deposit, while providing false information about the connectivity, amenities and services provided. A lot of conventional hostels and PGs resort to these underhanded tactics to con young students and working professionals. Even if you choose to live in these accommodations, you end up spending a lot on travelling, recreation and quality food, thus rendering your sacrifice useless. It is always advisable to choose a hostel or PG close to your workplace or institution.

    Hyderabad is a major commercial hub with a huge immigrant population. The proximity to educational institutions and professional organizations has led to certain localities being popular among students and young professionals alike. Hyderabad has no lack of upscale, posh neighbourhoods but if you are about to move to a PG in Hyderabad, try and get one in any of the following locations.


    Nizampet houses many institutions and subsequently, many youngsters. While there is no dearth of PGs and hostels with cheap rents and basic amenities in the area, you should think twice before moving into one of these bare minimum places. The sheer number of accommodations in the area might be a little overwhelming but a little persistence and foresight can lead you to a professionally managed accommodation with modern amenities, proper services, well-designed spaces which provide comfort and privacy at reasonable prices.

    Q City

    The hub of Hyderabad’s much-touted IT industry, Q City attracts the tech-savvy crowds from all over the country, which makes it no surprise that it is one of the most sought-after locations in the city. The average rent in Q City is almost a king’s ransom but with a professionally managed accommodation provider, you can find the perfect lodging with all modern amenities and services including but not limited to professional housekeeping, extensive menus, power backup and CCTV surveillance. Professionally managed living space providers like Stanza Living offer all the aforementioned services in a locality like Q City at prices that are a steal.


    The heart of the city is undoubtedly one of the best areas to live in. The entire city is accessible, you are never very far from anywhere and all the trendy places are always around. If you are living in Kukatpally, which is one of the most happening places in town, make sure you make the most of this opportunity. A managed residence should be your first choice since they offer all modern amenities and professional services at extremely reasonable prices, making it perfect for both students and young professionals.


    Yet another commercial and residential hub, Kondapur is also in close proximity to the IT corridor, making it a popular area for young professionals. While Kondapur has a lot of residential space, a rented apartment can cost you a lot of money and other expenses like power and internet bills, housekeeping, groceries etc can seriously upset your monthly budget. If you wish to live in a good locality like Kondapur, while keeping your budget intact, a professionally managed PG accommodation is your best bet.

    Managed accommodations like Stanza Living offer great residential spaces in the best localities, allowing you to live in affluent areas of the city without compromising on the quality of life. Ventilated, spacious rooms along with state-of-the-art amenities and professional services in an all-inclusive package, are what such providers have to offer. If you want to experience the city and not just live in it, choose the right space for yourself.


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