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    Gurgaon: 9 new cases found in Gurgaon, 458 sample reports pending, 75 injured | 9 new cases found in Gurgaon, 458 sample reports pending, 75 admitted

    The pace of corona virus increased in May in Gurgaon has not stopped. On Friday, 9 new positive cases have been found in Gurgaon, taking the total number of cases in Gurgaon to 126. Although 51 patients have been cured here so far, 75 patients are being treated in different hospitals. At the same time, 60 patients are admitted in ESIC Hospital Sector-9A, Gurgaon.

    The worrying fact is that no patient has been able to recover for five days. The number of patients with corona virus in Gurgaon is increasing daily. In May, patients of the corona virus have increased in different colonies of the city in Gurgaon. In 8 days, 69 case positives have been found in Gurgaon.

    On Friday, 9 case positives have been found in Gurgaon, including one from Khandsa Mandi, one policeman, two health workers, one from Sector-107, Sarhaul village, one from Meerla, one young man who distributes food, one youth from Shivaji Park and one DLF. Includes from Face One.

    Health Department conducted rapid antibody test of 25 people

    On Friday, the Health Department conducted rapid antibody screening of 25 people in village Chakpur. It is a matter of relief that all the reports were negative. Officials said none of the antibodies confirmed corona infection. To enable timely identification of corona-infected people, the Health Department has increased sampling. In every PHC and UPHC areas, along with the survey, antibodies of people living there are also being tested.

    Antibody tests were conducted on the people in the Chakkarpur area on Friday. Team members said that during this period, taking blood samples of about 25 people living in the area, tested the antibodies with a rapid kit. All the investigation reports have been found negative. The department has so far tested antibodies to 500 people in the city. 1500 rapid kits have been provided from the headquarters to the District Health Department.

    Sampled 7820 people in Gurgaon in a month and a half

    In the last one and a half months, a sample of 7820 people has been taken by the Health Department in Gurgaon, out of which 7236 reports were found to be negative, while 126 were found positive. Apart from this, reports of a sample of 458 people are yet to come. On Friday, 113 samples were taken in the government lab while 164 samples were taken in private labs. At the same time, 13 thousand 670 people have been placed under surveillance in Gurgaon, out of which 10143 have completed their surveillance.


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