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    Halo Infinite: Release Date,  Gameplay, Key Art, Plot And Lot More

    Sometime in July 2020, we will officially see what Halo Infinite is all about. Halo Infinite announced nearly two years ago is still quite the mystery.

    From the trailers, we have seen that it might be a bit more open than the previous version. But we haven’t seen any gameplay, nor have we gotten any real, meaningful details about the game.

    In this post, we would be covering everything we know about Halo Infinite.

    Halo Infinite: Gameplay

    Let’s dive into the game’s gorgeous key art and the secrets it may hold.

    After spending some extra time studying this art, we’ve noticed some interesting details. We believe that key art in many ways telling us what we want to know about the game.

    We also noticed an unmistakable comparison to another incredibly ambitious launch title. Let’s take a look at what another game tell us – Breath of The Wild.

    A game that launched in 2017 with a Nintendo Switch is an incredibly ambitious open-world game that let you freely explore the environment.

    We know all of this because the game has already been released but in retrospect, Halo Infinite reveals a lot what the game would be like.

    The key-art of Halo Infinite shows the master chiefs standing on the edge of what might possibly be the Pelican from its trailer.

    He’s looking over what the long been speculated to be the main environment of the game Masada Halo.

    Key Art

    The key-artist telling us that we’ll be able to explore an exciting world. One with many environments and secrets to uncover.

    We believe everything shown in the key-art is significant.

    You’ll be able to explore this world. All you have to do is jump in!

    The scale of the art id seriously impressive and it’s easy to miss a few key details.

    One is the prevalence of beam emitter towers and other taller structures. These beam emitter towers are structures that shoot beams of light in the sky made famous in the Halo combat evolved.

    They were able to be explored in Halo C II and we believe that this will be expanded significantly in infinite.

    What we will find in these towers in Halo Infinite game? Well, it’s hard to say! But we believe that there are several of these structures throughout the game that will be explorable. Perhaps, each structure is unique and will hold upgrades or secrets to uncover.

    Another significant structure that can be seen is a much taller pillar in a video game. We don’t believe that the pillars shown here are included by accidents. We believe that we will see it somewhere in the game. But what we’ll find inside the pillar maybe even more interesting.

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    Recently, Twitter user by the name – The Eld – pointed out some similarities between the pillar shown on the key art and a known pillar from the book Hagel Primordium. The second book in the forerunner trilogy.

    Does Halo Infinite Face Any Obstacle due to the Ongoing Pandemic?

    PS4 and Xbox are having their last laughs, as the gamers are eyeing to the future, with the next-gen consoles are slated to launch by late 2020.

    There could be delays to the Halo Infinite released due to the ongoing pandemic. But the main question is whether consoles will launch a full line of games to play at their launch?

    Fortunately for those, who are eyeing to upgrade their Xbox consoles, it looks like Halo Infinite would drop along with it.

    Good news is that Halo Infinite and Xbox Series X are launching together, and is reassuring.

    Let us know, what else you want to know about Halo Infinite. Let us know your queries and concerns in the comment section.


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