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    Spiderman 3: Release Date, Trivia, Zendaya’s Comeback And All Latest Updates

    Tom Holland has confirmed that Spiderman 3 will begin filming in July calling the sequel story ‘’absolutely insane’’.

    In an interview with The Inquirer, Holland was asked to confirm whether he was set to star in the new spiderman movie? Yes was the answer to that question.

    He confirmed, ‘’ I am super happy about it. We will be shooting Spiderman in July in Atlanta this year.’’

    Spiderman 3: Release Date

    Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are yet to announce Spiderman 3 as of the release date. It’s likely to be part of the phase 4 release slate and is expected to release in July 2021.

    However, there’s currently no release date in that window on either Marvel or Sony’s slate.

    Marvel Studios 2021 dates are in February, May, and November. Though they move at some point.

    However, Warner Bros’ The Batman is currently dated for June 25th, 2021. So Sony-Marvel may not want to directly compete and could move Spiderman 3 to a different release window.

    Still, no matter what specific date it opens it’s still very likely Spiderman 3 will release in 2021.

    Spiderman 3: What’s New About It?

    We know when the shooting of Spiderman 3 will take place, and of the filming location could reveal the identity of the movie.

    Meanwhile, production should end next November and pass through several cities around the world. The team will necessarily spend a great part of their time in Atlanta and New York but a new filming location has just been unveiled.

    Spiderman 3 is rumored to visit known country Iceland to offer a vast geographical landscape. Iceland reminds us of the next villain from Spiderman’s Marvel comics which was – Kravan The Hunter. As per MCU, this villain could be part of the film and promised to be the formidable opponent of Peter Parker.

    If this MCU character us of Russian origin, Iceland has often made it possible to represent the country in various films because it decor offers many possibilities.

    Spiderman 3: Zendaya’s Returning?

    A few other key details were revealed in the interview such as the return of Zendaya as Mary Jane. Zendaya will most definitely be in the film, Holland confirmed.

    However, the actor was shy to get into the plot specifics regarding the dynamic between Peter Parker and Mary Jane.

    Spiderman 3: Is It Going To Be The Part of Marvel Comics Universe (MCU)?

    After a tumultuous period of time where it was unclear, even doubtful, that Tom Holland’s Spiderman 3 would ever feature in another Marvel universe movie. It seems Spiderman 3 is barely full speed ahead.

    In August last year, he described the sequel as something very special and very different. Tom Holland seems genuinely enthusiastic about his latest tarnished Spiderman, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has heard him talk about the role.

    Holland has previously said he believes the Spiderman belongs in the Marvel Comics Universe. Something that has been echoed by the fans everywhere.

    The time when Sony Pictures and Disney had parted ways on the future of Spiderman, left many devastated including Holland himself.

    Thankfully, Spiderman will be remaining where he is for the time being. The renewed deal between Disney and Sony also means Holland’s Spiderman can appear in any of Sony’s Marvel films.

    Holland has been rumored to have a cameo in The Venom 2 and Sony’s July release The Morbiushas already confirmed to have Marvel’s connections.

    If the cameo turns out to be a reality then fans won’t have to wait as long to see Holland in character once again. If not, Marvel’s Spiderman 3 is expected in July 2021.

    Are you excited about Spiderman 4, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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