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    Haryana BJP Minister Kamlesh Dhanda Perform Puja at Shiv Shakti Dham Temple in Kaithal, Video Goes Viral


    • Incident of Shiv Shakti Dham Temple located on Dhand Road, Kaithal
    • Now the video while worshiping the minister went viral

    On one hand, due to the Corona virus, the doors of temples are closed all over India, but in Kaithal, a strange sight was seen. The shrines of the Shiv Shakti Dham temple here are closed to the general public, but as soon as BJP’s Minister of State for Women and Child Development Kamlesh Dhanda arrived, the doors of the temple also opened and special poojas were also performed. A video of this was also made. Now this video is going viral on social media, in which people are condemning. There is no statement of Minister Kamlesh Dhanda yet.

    Prem Shankar Shastri, the priest of the temple, says that we conducted the puja following social distancing. As such, the temple is closed during lockdown.

    On Sunday, the Minister of State Kamlesh Dhanda reached the Shiv Shakti Dham Temple on Kurukshetra Road to provide ration to the needy people. During this time the doors of the temple were opened and puja archana was conducted. A full video of it was made. Now the video went viral, the temple priest Prem Shankar Shastri says that we had conducted the puja following social distancing. Although the temple has been closed since the lockdown, but worship was done when the Minister of State arrived. This puja was organized for world peace.


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