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    Here is how the MIUI 12 will be like – Expectations

    Why MIUI 12 is really close?

    We all know MIUI is famous among the developers and the amount of customization it provides. It’s been a while when MIUI 11 was launched. For the last couple of months, Xiaomi has reduced the updates continuously and has given continuously hints about MIUI 12.

    Mi Haults MIUI 11

    The last days of the past month were not suitable for MIUI 11 as the company officially posted on China’s MIUI community tab to halt MIUI 11 development. This hinted that the company has other goals to focus on. The next possible task for the company is to release MIUI 12.

    Even though the company has not officially confirmed that they are working on MIUI 12, but from all the connecting strings, we can easily make out it is not any usual rumor.

    We can believe these screenshot as it has been a habit of Xiaomi to leak their stuff before actually launching them. For instance, their last settings app was also given some light a few days earlier.

    Some of the Solid evidences of MIUI 12:

    We all know that right now, the company has not finished with its final touch of the stock ROM. That’s why no tech blogger or YouTuber is claiming to have a new MIUI 12 device. But MIUI has officially or maybe by mistake leaked some of the images if the new MIUI 12 settings page.

    One of the XDA junior members, kacskrz, found that there have been many changes in the new settings when compared to the predecessor.

    The changes which were found in app:

    • Focus Mode
    • Screen time
    • Display Colour calibration

    The significant changes appear to be in screen time as the new version shows a simplified graph of Screen on time with a new feature to see the time consumed in each application. The design has also been changed significantly. Coming next to focus mode, this is one the best feature personally for me, and it has also got some tweaks like adding time as per your requirements.

    For the next one, Display Colour calibration it have got nothing much new just a little makeover. It has got some background grey boxes which were not there earlier. Still, there is no surety that these will come the way they are. This is a developer build, and many things will be changing and adding.


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