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    How Do You Find Your Signature Scent?

    In the perfect world your signature scent works as your personal memory in the in mind of your loved ones and your close friends sometimes it works for the strangers as well. Dossier is also one of the evolving type of fragrances and getting fame at a rapid pace.

    The fragrance on your clothes or up in the air in a room can light up the mood of the person and kind of lift the environment and having a signature fragrance has a completely different vibe that you get known with the fragrance every time you enter the room or pass thru someone you knows you. This also gives a satisfying feeling at a personal level too.

    Now how do you get your signature perfume if you don’t have one and how do you find the one you like too. So there is journey behind it too as there is an old saying that it’s not about the destination it’s all about the journey.

    The journey of find the scent starts when you are able to feel the versions of the scent. The details written on the back side of the perfume are pretty much useless to find out that if the perfume suits you or not. Following are the pro tips to find your signature scent.

    Only try 3 fragrances at one time

    If you have no idea that what type of smell might suit you than I would recommend you to try just 3 fragrances at one moment this is suggested by Erika Shumate. She says that “give each fragrance its own proper shot”

    Try lighter fragrances in the beginning

    It is always better to start with the musky and watery fragrances for the initial stage as majority of the people are unable to smell the lighter fragrances like musk. So take one step at one moment start with the muskier one and the move to the woody one slowly.

    Rebound with a fragrance is a positive thing to happen

    If you are returning to a one specific fragrance more often and you are liking it every time that means there is something in the fragrance which is drawing you to it.

    Request the sample again and try to find out that how it reacts with your body different fragrances have different effects with your body and try to spray on the less washed areas and then smell every minutes and determine that if you still like it or not.

    Don’t get stubborn with you if you don’t get attracted to unfamiliar fragrances.

    As we know a lot of people are attracted towards oud and they are quite attracted to such strong smells of oud but if you don’t like it don’t force yourself to like one if you don’t like don’t get too concerned about it if you don’t like it that can be the case with the learning process of your nose also note the other things the fragrances are causing you headaches or if a fragrance is make you uncomfortable don’t go for it just leave it there.

    Skip coffee beans

    Coffee beans are available on every perfume shop. They say that if you sniff coffee beans it resets your sense of smelling but actually it doesn’t because it is found that they are also another strong fragrance so you should better smell yourself in order to reset your smell sense or bury your nose in your elbow it works something about your own fragrance and the PH recalibrates the nose.

    Evolution if scent after few hours

    Fragrances are considered as the living organisms as they age they also evolve as the time passes. The best of the fragrance lasts for 20 minutes and for the better part the fragrances stays at their level best for almost 5 hours after that it gets a bit light.

    Try to understand the logic behind the prices of the fragrances

    The cheap fragrances have very strong effect initially but that stays for a very short period of time when they are compared to the expensive one’s they are too strong at the initial level but as the time passes the expensive one’s dry down and they have the power of having a long lasting effect they also have the complexity of the heart as well.


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