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    How Not To Dress In A Professional Workplace

    Fashion experts have long said that your way of dressing has a big effect on your career. During interviews, fashion experts even report that your appearance makes or breaks your career. Due to the way you dress, your prospective employer can either be impressed or turned off before even considering your qualifications.

    The reason why most companies have dress codes for their employees is because employee dressing is part of the company culture. Usually, this entails a business professional dress code or business casual clothing.

    Once a dress code has been established for business professional attire for men and women, it is expected that employees who do not conform will be reprimanded. It has been unclear what constitutes a business casual.

    Men must wear business suits, or blazers with dress slacks or khakis, as well as a tie that matches the clothing. Women must wear a smart casual outfit with black heels and a blouse or blouse with a colorful blouse. Most women will wear a skirt with a blouse. Slacks, tops and other formal attire are also acceptable. Wearing the correct clothing is easier than some things and some items simply should not be worn in a professional workplace unless you want to receive a memo from human resources.

    Shirts and sweatpants

    Much like the gym attire should be left in a gym or fitness center, sweatpants and sweatshirts should also be left in a gym or at home. Their statement basically states that they just got back from jogging or from the gym and are still unprepared for the office. You may also appear like you are just looking forward to lazing around the couch all day.

    These people seem too relaxed to spend time at work. Consider wearing chrome hearts sweatpants in pair of cotton chino slacks with a simple, but still classy, white fitted tee if you really want to feel comfortable and look good. Try wearing a cashmere cardigan on top to stay warm, and you won’t only feel excellent but you will also look great.


    If there is a gym or fitness center at the company, you do not necessarily need to wear your workout clothes to work. Your workout clothes are not professional attire because they are branded top-of-the-line. However, while it is expensive and comfortable, these are still workout clothes and should not be used to work in the corporate environment. They should be reserved for workouts in the gym, Pilates or yoga, or aerobics.

    Floaty sandals

    Flip-flops are a great weekend outfit for certain activities such as walking your dog, hanging out in the park, or going to the beach. Despite the best efforts of the office, even the most expensive pair of flip-flops fails to qualify as formal. The shoes look dressy enough but comfortable for men to wear. If you want to appear attractive but be comfortable, opt for an open-toed sandal or dress.

    Jeans shorts

    Regardless of how long or short your legs are, don’t wear short shorts in the office. Wearing shorts to work on a business casual Friday is still acceptable as long as they are worn correctly. Men and women can find shorts that fall just below the knee. With these shorts paired with a smart blazer and heels, you can transform the beach outfit into a casual look. For your more look outfit you can buy your clothes or apparel from online trusted best store like Chrome hearts.

    Excessive skin

    Never show cleavage or the midriff in your business outfit. We must never forget that what we wear reflects who we are. You may be thinking that your boss really is more interested in other things besides work if you constantly show parts of your body. It is best to wear stockings or pantyhose under skirts so that bare legs are not exposed.

    Clothes that is smudged, wrinkled, or torn

    How you dress influences how others see you. When you arrive at work in wrinkled, messy, or torn clothing, your colleagues as well as employers will think you don’t care about what you do. If you aren’t willing to take time to fix yourself, they will wonder how hardworking you are.

    Tattoo on face

    There is no party here, it is an office. In terms of facial decorations, the least is more but not facial tattoos or even make-up.


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