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    What Colors That Go With Dark Green?

    The green color is inspiring, symbolizing by itself harmony, balance and serenity, so it is key to have garments of this color, but it is even more important to know how to combine them to show them off in a positive way.

    What Does The Color Green Combine With?

    Colors that go with dark green combines are; white, black, gray, orange, yellow and also lends itself very well to shades of brown. The latter are preferably used in cream or beige mode, since they tend to look much better than dark brown.

    Combine Your Green Clothes

    1. We start with a simple game combining green with jeans. A very nice look for a casual outing.
    2. A green sweater will go perfect with navy blue pants, generating great visual harmony, being able to add other colors such as white, brown, red and others.
    3. Matching with green pants is not difficult when we have white or black at hand as we see in this case. The freshness that characterizes the green color is beautifully highlighted with the sobriety of black.
    4. This daring outfit should not be missed. It is rare, but it will undoubtedly get you out of the routine and all eyes will be on you; orange combined with green will make you shine.
    5. A green dress for day or night is a great idea that you should encourage, especially if you add a black leather jacket.
    6. This is a perfect example of how to wear a green dress with red, but not in a way that makes it look bad, quite the opposite, with heels and red makeup.
    7. Speaking of jackets, have you ever thought of a green jacket? Surely not! Although with how good it looks, it is a fact that now you will have it as an option.
    8. A nice green open-shoulder sweater with details, it will look great as a look to go to the office or casually.
    9. We now have another one, a green sweater, but this time lighter and more closed that will match gray tones in different shapes.
    10. For those who are not afraid of risky colors, a lilac dress or a panties with a green jacket looks great, and if you have a good attitude, all the better.
    11. For a formal outing, or an event that requires it, a green suit will undoubtedly stand out without being scandalous as it happens with other colors.
    12. We now have another outfit with a green sweater, but this time, with an open back detail to make you look more sensual. And of course, boots or animal print shoes.
    13. To use pink and green in the same outfit, the key is in the tonality and the accessories that you add to the look of the day.
    14. Not everyone would think of using an outfit in green and yellow, although it is a good idea to stand out when using them in the correct measure.
    15. Green and blue are classified as cold colors, sharing characteristics, and that is why they look good together in garments.

    Avoid This With The Color Green

    Now that you know how to combine the color green, it is time to take into consideration the colors with which you should not combine it, because like others such as purple or the coral color, it has its restrictions. Let’s look at several useful tips:

    • First of all, we suggest you not even look at the fluorescent colors. These are too flashy so it would be an exaggeration to have them in a single wardrobe.
    • Try to avoid combinations with red or pink if you don’t know how to do them. They are some of the most difficult to get so you will need to be more invested in the subject of outfits to dare to try them.
    • Finally, a certain shade of green and brown can make you comparable to a tree, even more so if you wear brown pants and a green shirt.


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