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    How only 1 test can Diagnose 50 types of Cancers?

    Cancer is a deadly disease that has over 100 types. In 2019, cancer killed more than 6,00,000 people in the US only. It is the second most life-taking disease after cardiovascular diseases. Every sixth death in the world is due to cancer.

    Scientists are conducting new tests for the accurate detection of deadly diseases like cancer. A recent new study has shown that new blood tests can make it easier to accurately detect various types of cancer.

    Treatment will be easier by detection in the beginning

    The study showed that more than 50 types of cancer could be detected through new blood tests. In this new study, researchers hope to detect cancer at an early stage. Early detection of cancer can be important for successful treatment. Researchers said that identifying first levels of cancer can improve the condition of many patients, allowing them to provide more effective treatment.

    According to him, this test can accurately tell which person has cancer and which part of the body it is? It is also able to tell the type of cancer. A Biotechnology company has developed the test. For this, they used the Next Generation Sequencing Technique to test DNA for small chemical tags (methylation) that are known to be active or inactive.

    How the experiment was performed?

    The test was carried out with a blood sample of about 3052 people, of which 1531 were cancerous. While 1521 people did not have cancer. Researcher Dr. JP Auction at Boston’s Dana Forber Cancer Institute said this test clearly shows which of them are cancer patients and which are not?

    Not only this, but it also showed that where cancer has started, and which tissues were affected. Researchers said that the specialty of this test is that when someone has cancer, it gives information about it. This new test directly looks at DNA that flows into the bloodstream when cancer cells die. However, he also said that this test was able to correctly detect cancer in 18% of first stage cancer patients. In contrast, in the fourth stage, 93% of the patients were not able to identify cancer accurately.

    The company is still working on the project to make this technology more efficient. This technology can save thousands, if not millions, lives every year.


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